Beonix Philosophy and Values: Taking a Look at Modern Music Festivals

The music festival industry has been flourishing, especially after the COVID threat weakened significantly. Each year the number of such events is getting bigger revealing new names in the music sphere, promoting various vital themes, and supporting different moves and values. Their peak accrues to Summers when the majority of party-goers head south to relax, feel a new different life, and forget about their troubles.

The philosophy and values of the event underline its purpose and mission, making the festival more understandable to the crowd. So, from the beginning, Beonix clearly stated all its principles based on the modern approach and current tendencies.

If you have never heard of it, it is your chance to learn more about the Beonix event and visit it in 2023 to see everything for yourself and have a great time.

Beonix as One of the Top Musical Events in 2023

The current festival industry presents a set of exclusive activities gathered in one place where visitors can get multiple services, from tasting various food samples in gastro pubs to trying yoga classes. 

Beonix organizers considered all the trends and benefits of the major music festivals in Europe to integrate them into their own creation. And so far, Beonix did not disappoint. Despite an exclusive set of 50 DJs of world fame, three stages, and a creative space, the festival offers its visitors many side quests and activities. Fans of dancing and those who like new places will not get bored. 

All the comforts of life are provided right at the music festival, so for many party-goers, a stage with famous performers serves as a pleasant background only. All they are interested in is a successful lifestyle, supporting the right values, and constant debating with other attendees as a variation of modern small talk.

And the values Beonix promotes are another vital aspect that makes it remarkable among other events alike.

The Essence of the Beonix Music Festival

A unique philosophy of Beonix was born in 2022 in Larnaca Beach. This year it has evolved and become more profound and innovative not only technologically but also from the point of its values and mission. People of all views, religions, preferences, and genders are welcome to have a great time away from their routines connected by music, art, and higher power.

Music can help us explore ourselves, feel the space around us, let us travel, transform, and be who we are. That’s the message from Beonix creators, as clear and simple as a day. The festival provides a chance to feel the atmosphere, revive your spirit and boost your energy in the company of marvelous DJs and other fans in a special, creative, and historical location. Sounds attractive, right? See the video from 2022 to get some proof of that.

Prominent DJs

Beonix is the event that will help you drop the mask of a big controlling boss, diligent office manager, and even an A-student. Here in the old Limassol winery, you can be yourself among other vacationists and locals. Soon the place will get crowded with the most talented DJs. For now, check the Beonix lineup that is getting longer with celebrity names.

The main headliners are Black Coffee, Maceo Plex, Paul Kalkbrenner, and Stephan Bodzin. These DJs will burn any dancefloor just because they always do. And while you are waiting for them, accomplished performers, such as Luna Semara, Anna, Jan Blomqvist, and others, will share their best tracks with you.

Join the Beonix music festival in Limassol, ETKO, 22-24 September!

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