Email Finder Tools to Use for Generating Quality Leads

It’s not easy to find the best email finder tools — mainly because these services are usually targeted at different professionals, i.e., marketers, sales professionals, recruiters, business developers, etc. Depending on what you want, you can also find work and personal details. To better understand how email finder tools work, let’s check out the top offers in the market. 

What Are Email Finder Tools?

Email finders are tools that can help find email addresses. Usually, you need to input the name of a person you want to contact, and if the tool has this person in its database, you will get their email address in seconds. The data is generally pulled from publicly available resources, and sometimes, a quality contact finder may also give you the person’s phone number and links social media accounts. But most importantly, email finders should be able to verify if the email they provide is still valid. 

Why Should You Use an Email Finder Tool?

Email finder tools save you time because searching for an email address manually may take hours or even days to find contacts. And there’s more. Email finder tools can help you deal with bounced emails. If you try to contact a person and you have an invalid address, you will receive a bounce-back message, so you should start searching again. 

Most importantly, an email finder tool can help you come across more business contacts — for example, for building an email marketing database to generate more leads in the future. If you are searching for email addresses manually, you might be missing some. However, when you use an email finder tool, you get up-to-date and accurate information — and you can often get it in bulk.

How Can an Email Finder Help You Improve Lead Generation Results?

An email finder tool can help you get the most out of your marketing campaign. First, you should ensure that you use an accurate and up-to-date database because, without it, your campaign stands no chance of being effective. So, when conducting bulk email searches, use clearly defined criteria — by industry, company, skillsets, etc. Later on, you can use these targeted lists to reach out for new leads. 

Which Are the Email Finder Tools Out There?

To better understand how professional contact finders are so efficient at finding email addresses and contacts, let’s analyze some of the reverse email and phone finder tools. Their functionality is not the same as professional software for building bulk email databases, but they generally come with lots of free searches and can be used for an occasional contact lookup. 


Available at a reasonable price, PeopleFinders offers limited details on certain email addresses. Data is accurate and current. There are thousands of social media accounts and email addresses on PeopleFinders. Apart from names, addresses, and phone numbers, you can obtain some other information about a person. Keep in mind that PeopleFinders doesn’t work if you don’t have a membership. 

Instant CheckMate

This tool provides accurate results but doesn’t offer individual information about contacts. You can obtain information about property and marriage information, court files, criminal accounts, and government databases available for free. Another useful feature is that you can perform as many checks as you want if you have a membership. 


A very costly service, Intelius offers information on reverse email and phone lookup services, people search, background check, and criminal and public records check. The Intelius interface is pretty advanced, so you might need some time to get used to running any checks with this software. 

Been Verified 

Been Verified gives you highly detailed reports, including full names or social nicknames. It also provides information on social media usage, address, and age. However, searches on Been Verified can take minutes, not to mention that the use of reports is restricted. Besides, Been Verified is not available with a free trial. You need to purchase a subscription if you want to use this tool. 

Coco Finder

Coco Finder has a limited database and is not always accurate. It charges per data use. However, if you want more information on contacts after you have identified them, you should purchase a subscription. Another downside is that CocoFinder doesn’t have transparent monthly prices, which is rather confusing.


If you want to use Spokeo for screening candidates after you have posted a job, Spokeo helps track down new leads. At the same time, it locates former clients with whom you are trying to reconnect. This service helps with the onboarding process too. Its interface uses reveal search reports and account usage. You can filter information according to preferable parameters, and anyone in your team can download PDFs for free.

Email Sherlock 

Email Sherlock is an identity and email verifier that offers free reverse email lookups. If you are interested in executing simple and affordable reverse email searches, use this tool. While it’s not too detailed like other options on the market, most Email Sherlock users can get information such as validated domain names, address syntax, email servers, scams, or false emails. 

Social Catfish 

Social Catfish is a reverse lookup tool and email validator that assesses social media handles and suspicious emails. While Social Catfish reports don’t provide as many details as BeenVerified, this software offers very advanced accurate data from common online sources packed into one interface. Social Catfish is an investigative tool. It offers minimal services, and most of its users work with it because it has a simple interface.


SignalHire is a more advanced example of a service that gives access to all available contact data, including emails, phone numbers, and links to social media accounts. This service finds email addresses individually or in bulk, doing a better job than most other tools on this list. You can define any search criteria for a bulk search — industry, skillset, job title, company, etc. So far, this is one of the most advanced examples of software for sales representatives, recruiters, business managers, lead generators, headhunters, account managers, and other professionals looking to expand their email marketing database.

SignalHire also comes with a handy Chrome extension for LinkedIn that can pull data from its 650+ million contact database in a single click — and you do not even have to switch tabs. Besides supporting LinkedIn search, this same extension works with GitHub, Twitter, and Facebook and should soon be available with Quora, Dribble, Xing, and Gmail.

Any of these tools can help you find contact data to boost your marketing efforts. Of course, some are more tailored for individual searches rather than bulk ones, but they can also prove useful when you need to run background checks on the hot leads. Depending on your lead generation strategy, you can choose any service, from a simple email finder to more advanced software designed for professional use.  

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