Five Reasons Why Foldable Phones Are Good for Business Owners

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In the modern business world, technology plays a crucial role in the success of many companies. One example of this collaboration is the growth of mobile phones. Just imagine how different things would be for business owners if we were still using ancient phones from the 90s! With modern smartphones, sending emails, holding virtual meetings on Zoom and Google Meet, making payments, and booking appointments are possible. And now, smartphones are evolving even further with the introduction of foldable devices.

These new devices are the latest generations of mobile phones that combine the convenience and portability of a smartphone with a larger display of a tablet. Many modifications have occurred since the first launch of these devices in the early 2010s. While the major challenge is their size and fragility, manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi have wholly embraced the technology.

With Samsung arguably leading the foldable landscape, the recent launches integrate unique features adapted for business owners. The seamless transition from handling data on a spreadsheet, reviewing PowerPoint slides, or doing a video conference makes the device the ultimate multitasking machine. While most of these things are also possible on a regular smartphone, the experience on a foldable smartphone is never the same. This article highlights some benefits of using foldable devices and how they can provide an excellent boost for managing your business.

Larger Display

One of the significant evolutions of mobile phone development is the screen size and display quality. We have seen that shift from a smaller screen to a 5-inch display. Top smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi have kept recent launches between 6 and 7 inches.

The larger display provides users with numerous benefits, like enhanced productivity in using different business apps like spreadsheets and Microsoft Office. It also allows users to enjoy better content consumption when watching videos and browsing the internet. Particularly for those who love spending some time playing games, the larger display size provides a better gaming experience. For example, if you love playing casino games on your phone, you will see symbols, cards, and other features like the sign-up bonus crystal clear. On the other hand, if you prefer FPS games like Call of Duty, your targets will be more visible, and while aiming hit them much easier.

Enhanced Collaborations

Teamwork is a crucial aspect of business development, and these devices are well-equipped to provide a seamless workflow. The larger display allows team members to share their screens during presentations and brainstorming sessions. That way, you do not always have to carry your PC. Even more, it promotes effective communication and better collaborations on the go. The level of application and benefits of a foldable smartphone varies depending on the nature of the business. For instance, if you work with graphic design or photography, you will enjoy using a foldable phone.


Some users might argue that foldable devices are relatively bigger and heavier. This may be true, but in the actual sense, the difference is mostly insignificant. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra weighs about 234g, while the Fold 4 weighs about 263g. That’s only a difference of 29g. Meanwhile, the iPad Air (2022) weighs 461g, and the Pro weighs a whopping 682g, up to 685g for the 5G model. That massive weight difference makes the fold a very portable device for business owners to carry around.

Split-Screen Functionality

Split screen is a recent advancement in mobile phone usability. It is a feature allowing users to divide their screens and handle multiple tasks simultaneously. It allows business owners to multitask, like researching while attending a virtual business meeting. Users can easily cross-reference information and provide real-time accurate responses without switching between apps. Ultimately, this saves time and allows for a seamless workflow.

Future-Proof Investments

Most top phone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple follow a systematic trend in releasing new devices. Annually, a new phone is released, and in most cases, the value of the previous one drops. This trend continues for all mobile phones. However, foldable phones are the future of mobile technology and represent an innovation that will remain relevant and compatible with the latest tech releases even in years to come. Hence, businesses that invest in such devices can expect more value and innovative features for improved performance.


Foldable devices are the future of the mobile phone industry, which invariably translates to improved business productivity. While a lot has been discussed about these devices and their benefits, it is clear that their entire functionality revolves around the larger screen display. 

There are benefits of multitasking, and using a split screen allows business owners to carry out a series of productive activities at the same time. Although these benefits and perceived functionality may vary depending on the user, it is clear that these smartphones include many features that are more suitable for business owners.

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