Game Of Thrones’ Kit Harington reflects the show, and gives his thoughts on social media

Kit Harington has further opened up on his intense Game Of Thrones fame and the effect social media had on him amid the juggernaut series.

To the Jon Snow actor, after he was catapulted to dizzying heights of recognition via the HBO show, ‘the most dangerous thing’ became social media.

The actor landed the role of Jon Snow in the hit fantasy series when he was in his early 20s and recalling that era in his life he conceded reading about himself online ‘screwed’ with him and his confidence took a dive.

As well as keeping a solid group of friends who ‘would not let me lift my feet off the ground’, Harington also said staying offline ultimately helped his mental health.

The 35-year-old said: ‘I’d go on the internet, and I’d look at stuff and I’d look at reviews and I’d look at the comments section, that box of doom.

‘And it screwed with me. It really screwed with me, it really damaged my confidence for a long time. And I had to learn not to look at that stuff.

‘And then that extended into my actual decision-making about social media. I was like, I don’t know what that gives me. I know what it takes, but I don’t know what it gives.

‘I think each to your own and some people probably find a lot of brilliant stuff in social media, but I think for an actor in a show like this, it’s the most dangerous thing.

‘So I had to not do that. I’m not on social media, I had to step away from that stuff.’

Game Of Thrones followed characters including Jon Snow, the illegitimate son of the Stark family, who joined the Night’s Watch to guard the realm of men from the sinister White Walkers.

Harington was nominated twice for Emmy Awards for his portrayal of the character, and starred alongside his now-wife Rose Leslie, who played his wildling lover Ygritte in the series.

He also reflected on the ‘stratospheric boost’ he received after landing his role in the eight-season fantasy epic at such a young age.

The star said: ‘I guess there’s no perfect or ideal career trajectory for any actor.

‘I got a really stratospheric boost into this world with Game Of Thrones. I left drama school, I went and did a play and then I was in Game Of Thrones, and Game Of Thrones just blew up.

‘And so I was 21 when it all started to kick off. You think you’re grown up at 21 but you’re not and I think being in something like this is a shock to the system.

‘But amazing, what better way to spend your 20s than in a show like this.

‘I think that what it’s meant is that you look for that thing your whole career as an actor.’

He went on: ‘That one thing that just goes big or that you’re known for. And if you have it in your 20s you’re left going “s**t, what now? What do I do now?”‘

The actor says he can now do ‘strange, weird’ projects, now he’s ‘done the thing’, being Game Of Thrones.

Harington is reportedly due to star in a Game Of Thrones spin-off which will specifically follow Jon Snow – but hasn’t touched on that so far.

Earlier this year Game Of Thrones creator George RR Martin confirmed a spin-off series involving Harington was in the works but said: ‘There’s not much more I can tell you, not until HBO gives me a green light.’

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