Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype – benefits and drawbacks

Online space has been a blessing to human beings, especially during the COVID pandemic; it has saved the masses by providing them with millions of earning opportunities and limiting human contact.

Even the betting platforms, such as online GGBET casino games Canada, have been highly helpful in keeping the players away from physical places and restricting them to their homes via virtual sessions. Also, the platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype have facilitated professionals to keep up with their meeting schedules from a distance. At the same time, the global conferencing market earned a considerable sum of 5.32 million dollars alone in 2019, its use has become more than a necessity, so this market is expected to rise by 10.92 billion dollars by 2027.

What are the User Preferences for Video Conferences: 

It must contain:

  • Reliable performance without glitches;
  • Works steadily;
  • User-friendly features;
  • HD video quality;
  • Enacts longer video duration;
  • Best user experience.

Considering such features, Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype are widely used apps for video conferencing. So, let’s go through each of these apps separately and see how they are helpful and where the drawbacks lie: 

Google Meet

One of the most significant virtual spaces that connect more than 2 million daily users for meetings. The app has many exciting features, such as the users can schedule appointments with the team members, and has essential functions like conference room booking, calendar syncing, real-time captions, and screen sharing are the few ones among many others. Google Meets or hangouts is available in the downloadable application, which is usually already installed on Android devices. Also, you can directly open it through your desktop browser. However, you must have a google account to use this platform. Moreover, you can use it through your Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android browsers without any hindrance.

Setting the Meets: The free accounts with Google Meet are limited, which allow 60 minutes of conferencing with a maximum of 100 participants. However, there is a free version available yet with limited features. To get full access to more features, sign up for its premium plan. 

Pros and Cons

Easy to useWorks only with Chrome browser
Steady navigationNot suitable for large communities
Encrypted audio and visualsNo options to change background
Access to G-Suite ProgramsNo private chat available while in meeting
Stored in Cloud


Another most widely used and indeed which has proven to a friend in need is the Zoom app during the pandemic lockdown. In 2011, Eric Yuan created this easy-to-use app with multiple user-friendly features, including background change and audio enhancements. Its numerous functions have won users’ hearts, such as recording, podcasting, polling, and other similar options. However, this app is not as secure as Google Meet and Zoom have proven. At the same time, Zoom provides the best user experience at the hands of a few clicks and compatibility with Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows.  

Meeting Limits: Similar to Google Meets, Zoom allows a maximum of 100 participants, however, the meeting duration is comparatively low, and it can last up to 40 minutes. Zoom’s paid plans have the best features with extended meeting times. 

Pros and Cons

Suitable for small and big businessesOnly 40 minutes meeting time
Supports Google calendarCloud file size is not consistent
Free version contains standard featuresHas many subscriptions
Smoothly streams on FacebookNot highly secure
Suitable for big audience


One of the most highly used video conferencing apps for long is Skype, which provides multiple communications options such as voice calls, and video chats on mobile phones, tablets, and computer devices. Another crucial function of Skype is that users can make international calls to telephone numbers at very low rates. To make such calls, the users must have a subscription with their prepaid account. However, if the caller and receiver are connected through the skype id, there are no extra charges except that they must have a good internet connection. 

Skype is an all-rounder platform that works equally well on IOS, Windows, Mac, and Android. 

Skype Joining Limitations: Up to 50 people can join a video call on skype. However, with the subscriptions, there are add-ons for more features and functions. 

Pros and Cons

Re-routing callsMay lag due to poor internet connection
Quick chat optionInformation can be intercepted
Easy navigation panelDoes not block background noises
High-quality audio and video Language translation is not available
Can Contact on local and international numbersDoes not have all the business tools
Highly cost-effective

Best Usage

Though all of these three apps are used for video chatting and conferencing, according to their feature, here is how you can make the best use of them. 

  • Google Meet: It is best for a business matter, no matter what kind. It is suitable for frequent meetings and managing the work for the home crew and any virtual team sitting at a long distance. So, any enterprise that wants to run without bulky expenditures for organizing a conference can perform best here.
  • Zoom: Usually, zoom meetings include the people who work within an organization, primarily colleagues and office-based team members.
  • Skype: It is best to use it while you want to talk and see your friends and family sitting at a long distance. It is effortless, and even amateur people can quickly know the controls.

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