How to Make the Best Intro Video for YouTube?

According to statistics, YouTubers upload more than 500 hours of videos each minute. Also, over two billion people watch one billion hours of videos on YouTube daily.

What does this mean? YouTube offers limitless opportunities and is highly competitive. Therefore, you must create a niche to stand out on the platform. Also try to grow your channel by having YouTube subscribers from UK, USA and other places around the world

One way to do this is to use intro videos to your advantage. YouTube videos are short introductory video clips played at the start of a YouTube video.

This post provides a comprehensive guide on steps and tips to make the best intro video for YouTube.

Unique Features

  • Thousands of Customizable Templates

It doesn’t matter your industry or niche. You will find the perfect template to customize for your YouTube intro video. These templates are easy to use. Explore the editing tools to customize your preferred templates and finish your intro video in minutes.

  • Animated Characters

Whatever mood you want your intro video to depict, you will find appropriate animated characters with different facial expressions to use. With thousands of animated characters with over 8000 facial expressions and actions. You are sure to get characters that connect with your audience.

  • Artificial Intelligence Drawing

You can skip actual video recording and use creative drawing to make your intro video. The AI drawing tool that predicts the best shapes for your content. It is intuitive and makes creating an intro video easy and simple.

  • Artificial Intelligence Dubbing

The platform also features AI Dubbing, which converts text to speech and vice versa. You can select your preferred voice character from the large library of voices available on the platform. All you have to do is add your text, select a voice character, and the tool will do the rest.

How to Make a YouTube Intro Video?

There are several online software tools for making videos, and we’ve used a number of them. One intro maker for YouTube that stands out is the software. Doratoon is a powerful video maker that lets you create unique intro videos.

You will find millions of royalty-free animations, backgrounds, templates, stock footage, and props to explore for creating customized videos.

Everything you need to inspire your creativity is available. Whatever the theme of your YouTube channel, you will find the perfect templates to create your intro videos.

Steps to Create YouTube an Intro Video

You do not require any skills or experience. That is why it is the best tool for beginner YouTubers. You can create an intro video within minutes using this software. Here is a simple video on how to make an intro for YouTube.

Step 1: Create a free account.

Step 2: Browse through the library of customizable templates and select a preferred design.

Step 3: Use the editing tool to customize the template and tailor it to fit into your content and script.

Step 4: Preview the intro video and download it to your PC and upload it to your YouTube channel

That is all it takes to make an intro with Doratoon. It is easy, fast, and fun. What was the first YouTube video on your channel? Does it have an intro video?

You do not have to worry if it does not have. You can make the best of your channel from henceforth by using an effective tool to make intro videos for your YouTube channel.

Best Tips for Making YouTube Intro Videos

YouTube is a competitive platform with millions of videos competing for attention. As mentioned, you can increase the attraction of your YouTube channel with intro videos. Let us look at five top tips for making YouTube intro videos to increase your viewership.

  • Keep it Simple and Short

Dragging out your YouTube intro will only make you lose viewers. People no longer watch boring or long videos with millions of other options available. Therefore, make your intro video very short to a maximum of 10 seconds. Remember, the video is only to whet the viewers’ appetite. Go straight to the point and keep it super short.

  • Make it Connect with Your Theme

Elements on your channel must synergize with your branding and theme. Therefore, incorporate your branding elements and theme into your intro videos. These elements include color schemes, brand logos, brand personality, and content style.

  • Create a Good First Impression

Your audience must have a compelling reason to stay on your channel. Therefore, give them a good first impression of yourself and your brand. Show your audience the value they get by watching your videos, and they will keep coming back.

  • Evolve and Adapt

If you check the early stages of popular YouTubers, you will realize that they have evolved over the years. As you continue to make videos, hone your skills and become more creative. It is normal to suck at the beginning, but as you learn new skills, you will evolve and adapt to meet the needs of your audience.

  • Be Consistent

Consistency is crucial if you want your audience to stick around. If your audience knows you for quality videos, stick to it and make your quality consistent. Ensure you maintain a high level of quality for your intro and YouTube videos.

Final Thoughts

Building a successful channel on YouTube requires passion and commitment. You will make plenty of trials and errors in the process. As you keep at it, you become better. Do not adopt a perfectionist mentality when creating your intro videos as a beginner. You will only get better as you become familiar with all available tools and resources. 

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