Importance of Essay Writing Skills For Future Career

Essay writing skills are very important for a person’s future career, no matter what they believe that their future is going to look like. There are plenty of careers to choose from that do not involve writing essays on a normal basis, however schooling of any type, and many jobs often require classes that will have a person writing a decent amount, or testing their skills. Going in chronological order, high school, colleges, and most careers have opportunities for people involved in their programs to write a 500 word essay or any other type of essay.

First, it is commonly known that in high school, and sometimes middle school, essay writing is a large focus and usually involved in every English or writing class. Both the SAT and ACT tests have optional essays at the end of it, however colleges look highly upon these essays and some even require it. These are two examples of why having good essay writing skills could be important when attempting to get into secondary schools. Most underclassmen English classes include many writing assignments (i.e. visual analysis essays, argumentative papers, and impromptu essays.) There are some classes in the last couple years of high school that focus more on these types of skills to prepare students to write college entrance papers and essays, and teach students how to write and edit these types of pieces of writing. 

Not only are essays important for high school and getting into a college or university, they are also important when in college and college classes. There are many opportunities for scholarships that essay writing is important for because if the writing or other pieces, such as spelling and grammar are not correct, it could inhibit the writer’s ability to get the scholarship prize. Entrance essays could determine college grades and classes, or by the history the author has in regards to writing skills and classes taken. Jobs often require their employees to take classes through them, or a nearby college to make sure that their workers are up to date and still have the skills they need to perform their jobs correctly. 

On another note, essay writing has many benefits for other skills, and reasons that everyone, no matter their age or life, should learn and know throughout their life. Learning these skills help improve note taking skills, reading, analysis, critical thinking, organizing ideas, arguing to support a cause, among many other things. It is a common misconception that learning the proper ways to write essays and the skills needed to write them are only used for one purpose, when in reality learning those skills are helpful for all of reading and writing. Writing essays also helps with researching skills, and learning how to explore and decipher through information to figure out what it is true and helpful and what information is false, and should be disregarded. It also helps writers learn how to process information and produce that information in their own way, and learn why it is important to put things into their own words and make a piece of writing their own instead of relying on others to write resources or information in an easy to understand way. 

In conclusion, learning the proper skills on how to write essays early on in life is a very important thing to know, and will help out in many different ways and places throughout life, even in careers that are not generally writing based. 

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