Here Is the List of 10 Instruments You Can Easily Learn at Home

Everyone loves music, but everyone chooses a different way to enjoy it. Some enjoy listening to songs while humming along, others like to play the instruments themselves and dive into the practicality of music composition. 

When it comes to playing instruments, some people do it as a hobby or to just have an additional skill, while others take it more seriously because they want to turn their passion into a profession. Everyone finds a different method to link them to music.

One thing is for sure: playing instruments makes you one step closer to music. However, this step isn’t easy to take. There’s a lot to learn. Moreover, one of the great advantages of learning to play a musical instrument is the expansion of your creativity – an artist takes birth in you and changes your whole perception. In other words, you try to find music in different aspects of life, which is appreciable.

Depending on your interest and passion, there are a lot of popular musical instruments you can learn to play at home.  Here is a list of 10.

  1. Keyboard

The keyboard is another word for electric piano, however, unlike the piano, the keyboard is capable of producing synthetic and complex sounds of different musical instruments. Since the keyboard is electronic, it is also portable, which is easier for beginners to learn.

The keyboard is best for non-professional beginners who are just introducing themselves to music. The keyboard will not only make it possible for you to enjoy music enough to be eager to learn it more, but it would also broaden your musical horizon. Moreover, it will electronically introduce you to the sounds of different musical instruments, and how they sound when played together.

  1. Piano

People who master the keyboard first usually switch to piano, a more professional and authentic musical instrument. The piano is known for providing a creative outlet for people – it allows you to express yourself like no other instrument. However, you will only understand that once you learn it.

A vintage, full-key piano will be expensive for you if you buy it to learn on it. Instead, you should go for a modern piano that has 36 black and 52 white keys. While learning piano professionally can be hard at home, it can be easily possible with online music lessons.

  1. Guitar

A lot of people have been able to become self-taught semi-professional guitarists in 6 to 12 months. As a string instrument, a guitar can have any number of strings between four to eighteen. However, a standard guitar has six strings, and that’s the one you should opt for to learn as a beginner.

It can’t be denied that a guitar in hand really instills confidence and high self-esteem in aspiring musicians. And it doesn’t hurt that you immediately start feeling like a rock star if you are able to perform guitar. A guitar is also a good tool to expand memory and coordination skills.

  1. Recorder

Nowadays, a recorder doesn’t really hold much value in traditional music composition. But those who know its worth, know that it’s one of the most melodious instruments out there. The recorder is much famous in school level bands. However, it has been used in both vintage and modern music to produce some of the most soulful tones.

Moreover, it’s really inexpensive and so easy to learn that you can learn to play it alongside any other instrument. The reason it’s so easy is that it doesn’t require determined hand-to-mouth coordination, unlike flute. 

  1. Drums

Drums are a whole different kind of musical instrument. It is nothing like piano, guitar, or recorder. Its whole vibe is adventurous. It is almost impossible that a person wouldn’t enjoy playing drums. In fact, it is one of the oldest instruments still in production and it comes in all shapes and sizes.

As a beginner, you would love playing drums. However, it is slightly harder to learn than other instruments. The thing with drums is that since they are so enjoyable to play, you will keep playing them all day and produce a tone eventually, thinking that you are gradually learning. 

But that way, you will miss out on some of the core components and techniques of drums playing. On the other hand, getting drum lessons in your home will keep track of your performance and improve your mistakes.

  1. Violin

Violin is an instrument that revolves around high and low pitches. There are different sizes of violins, some are too big and some too small. A violin that you can easily put on your shoulder and play is the size you need to go for as a beginner.

A typical violin has four strings, and these four strings can manage to produce some great soulful, melodious tones. Violin playing is the best way to learn to be more sophisticated and disciplined with music.

Learning to play can take more time than other instruments being a featured music artist, but it’s worth it when you finally play your song.

  1. Electric Guitar

An electric guitar is a lot different from than usual guitar. The metal-made strings of an electric guitar are capable of producing high-pitch electric impulses that add the “rock” element into any music. They are also easier to play than acoustic guitars. In other words, once you have mastered the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar would feel like a walk in the park.

Electric guitars aren’t as mechanical as people make them out to be. In fact, they are the exact opposite, they are easier. The electric guitar also gives you a wide range of sounds to produce, from classical to rock. As a beginner, you should opt for a lightweight, 6-string electric guitar.

  1. Saxophone

A saxophone is a woodwind instrument typically made of brass and played with mouth and fingers. A saxophone is one of the most used instruments in classical and jazz music. However, it has also been a distinctive and well-appreciated element of rock music.

Due to its wide range of sounds and flexibility of play, it is one of the “cool” instruments that allow you to convey your message, emotions, and style through the music. 

There are different types of saxophone; some are common in traditional music while others only hold their place in specific music. 

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