Investment Opportunities in Northern Cyprus: Discover Your Dream Villa in Çatalköy

Purchasing a villa in Northern Cyprus that is still under construction is a cost-effective choice for budget-conscious property buyers. Delayed completion dates, which may extend for several years, offer significant savings and the opportunity to oversee the construction process directly. This aspect is particularly important for those with precise specifications for their future apartment or villa.

On the flip side, investing in construction projects is not without its risks. There’s a possibility that the developer might exceed the initial budget. As a result, you may have to decline certain features or make additional financial contributions. You should also know that while instances of fraud are infrequent in Northern Cyprus, they are not unheard of. Therefore, it pays to stay cautious.

An often-overlooked alternative for those interested in Northern Cyprus real estate is the purchase of properties that are currently under construction.

This option is particularly appealing when you consider the safety, potential profitability, cost-effectiveness, and overall appeal of the investment. The projects International Wealth experts highlight are nearing completion and are expected to be ready for commissioning in the coming months. One such project is a number of villas in the Turkish town of Çatalköy.

Beyond the ordinary: luxurious yet affordable homes in Northern Cyprus

In the property market of Northern Cyprus, fancy villas with lots of great features are a rare and special find. They are perfect for buyers and investors who are looking for something extra special. The majority of housing projects listed in public catalogs fall into two categories.

The first one is comprised of housing that is relatively affordable by European standards, where the emphasis in marketing is on the low cost. This means if you pay a little less, you might not get things like fancy kitchen gadgets, a pretty home, a place with fresh air, lots of room, or high investment potential.

The other end of the spectrum features high-priced properties, which often come with a compromise on comfort and homeliness. Sales teams work hard to show that the real estate in question is worth its hefty price tag, convincing buyers they have made a sound decision. Yet, objectively speaking, such luxury properties typically lack warmth and personal touch, feeling impersonal and sterile.

Paradise found: Çatalköy villas offer ultimate tranquility

Contrary to these norms, the villas in Çatalköy defy conventional expectations. Priced EUR 2.25 million or above, these properties offer more than a mere shelter or an investment opportunity. They promise a sense of home and tranquility, providing an environment where one feels genuinely content. This quality is exceedingly rare in the real estate market, both in Northern Cyprus and globally, which makes these villas an exceptionally tempting property offer.

Sitting in a serene place, the Çatalköy villas are perfect for relaxing walks and feeling close to nature. Each villa boasts its own private beach, offering an exclusive slice of paradise for residents.  These homes come with a private pool that’s perfect for cooling off on hot days, and a big, well-kept garden where you can relax quietly or enjoy fun parties.

This purchase is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover the charm of Çatalköy villas, where style and comfort come together in a big, beautiful home. Each villa has 5 welcoming bedrooms and 5 sleek bathrooms, giving everyone their own space. There’s also a garage to keep your car safe.

The villas will be ready in 2024, and they’re not just houses but a way of life. The properties sit on a large 610 sqm piece of land, which is great for fun outside or growing a garden. The best part? A huge terrace where you can enjoy your morning coffee, have parties in the evening or just soak up some sunshine.

Currently, there are two villas available for buyers and investors to consider. Both share key features like private sea access, a two-car garage, and multiple rooms. However, they differ in design, interior, and layout. You can be sure that any villa you pick will make you happy and live up to what you’re looking for.

Discovering the true value of Çatalköy villas

Many luxury properties often focus heavily on their status symbol aspect. During villa tours, real estate agents try to convince buyers of the exclusivity and premium nature of their potential new home. The way they sell these homes may vary, but these guys often show off fancy designs with expensive decorations, a mix of different styles, and cool details that catch your eye right away.

Investing in such properties in Northern Cyprus isn’t necessarily unwise. For some, the design might be a lesser concern, and the glamour, whether external or internal, appears a strong selling point. However, for those who value both excellence and comfort, the villas in Çatalköy are an attractive real estate offer that deserves their attention.

No doubt, investing in Çatalköy villas is a significant financial commitment, which requires thoughtful consideration. The International Wealth team, along with our Northern Cyprus partner, is dedicated to accommodating our clients’ needs and tailoring the terms to suit them. As such, payment plans are personalized for each buyer.

When you look at how much money you could make from these villas, it’s clear that they usually start paying off pretty fast compared to other fancy houses. So, putting your money into the above properties is a smart way to protect and grow your savings.

For investors who prefer playing it safe, choosing a long-term lease is a strategic move. Think of it as a steady stream of income with less hassle. Sure, the returns might be a tad smaller, but you’ll wave goodbye to the headaches of finding renters and the nitty-gritty of villa maintenance. It’s all about peace of mind and steady gains.

Your dream villa is right there waiting for you!

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