What are the top places to visit in the city of Kolkata?

It has been very well believed that once you live in Kolkata you will never really love any other city. A part of Kolkata will remain in your heart always. so, if you are the one who is interested in exploring this city then definitely booking your room in the Vedic Village Spa Resort is a great idea so that you can explore it like a pro. Following are some of the basic places that you need to visit in the city today:

  1. Howrah Bridge: This is one of the iconic architectural wonders of the city and was commissioned in 1943. This is the busiest cantilever bridge in the entire world and is one of the most important visited places in the entire city. People should make sure that they will be visiting the place during the night whenever it is illuminated because this will be a magical charm in itself.
  2. Prinsep Ghat: This is another very important place that you need to visit in the city because this is a fascinating place dating back to the colonial area and is home to the captivity monument which is rich in Gothic and Greek inlays. People can easily get a splendid view of this particular area without any doubt because this is also known as the second Hooghly Bridge. Any visit to this place is worth planning and is one of the top things to be done in this city.
  3. Vidyasagar Setu: This is another very iconic landmark in the city of Kolkata and is a bridge which has been built on river Hooghly. This place looks best during the night because it will be lit up with the lights and you can take a trip to this area once you are done with all the sightseeing activities. Planning a visit to this particular area is worth it without any doubt.
  4. Visiting the museum: The city of Kolkata is proud of its heritage and the museums are the preservers of the rich history. The city very well is having museums which are dedicated not only to art but also have been very well dedicated to cultural perspectives and personalities. The list of museums is very long and the best ones you can go far are The Victoria Memorial, the Indian Museum, the mother’s Wax Museum and the Marble Palace.
  5. Visiting the amusement parks: If you are planning the trip with your kids then definitely you should include the amusement parks in your itinerary so that fun is never compromised. In this case, you can have the best possible experience and ultimately can have the best possible unlimited fun. This will help keep the people engaged for the whole day and considering the options like Nicco Park, snow park and the aquatica is a very good idea in this case. 
  6. Visiting college Street: College Street is basically the mecca for philosophies and book collectors in Kolkata. Visiting this place is a very good idea because the market for second-hand books is the second largest of its kind in the entire world. Is it in this place is worth it because you can easily go to find the priceless first edition of the books which also date back to the 19th and 20th centuries. Timings of this place include 11 AM-7 PM Monday to Saturday and you must plan a visit to the area if you are a book lover.
  7. Going for a tram ride: The city of Kolkata is one of the best cities in India and ultimately provides you with the best possible electric trains. You can easily hop on one of these trams and ultimately enjoy the beautiful journey through the busy city which will keep you in love with the past without any problem. Going for tourism with the help of this ride is a great idea so that you can explore the nook and corner of the city very successfully.
  8. Going for breakfast at Tireti Bazar: This is one of the most important places that you need to visit if you are a food lover. This place should never be missed if you are interested in enjoying Chinese delicacies because this is one of the best possible areas where you can easily enjoy authentic Chinese food. Going for momos, rice balls, chicken balls, meatball soup and spring rolls is a great idea in this case.
  9. Getting the best possible taste of Kolkata Street food: Another very important thing that you need to go for in this particular city is to try the street food of Kolkata because Kolkata is a paradise for foodies. In this case, you will have the intrinsic benefits of soulful treats in every nook and corner of the city and further, you can easily go for trying the mouthwatering street food in this area. Basically, this will be providing people with a perfect gastronomic experience like no other city and ultimately visiting this place is worth it.
  10. Visiting the famous temples in Kolkata: Whether you are religiously inclined or not, visiting the famous temples in Kolkata is a great idea so that you can offer prayers at these temples and ultimately you can simply walk around the area without any problem. This will provide you with accessibility to the best possible places including the Calcutta Jain Temple, ISKCON Temple, Kalighat Temple and the Dakshineswar Temple.
  11. Planning the shopping spree: Another very important activity that you can easily carry out in this particular city is the shopping spree. This will provide you with easy accessibility to a good number of markets ranging from garments to jewellery and even home decor items. Considering the new market is a good idea in this case so that you can go purchase the garments, ladies’ handbags, jewellery and footwear with spices.

In addition to the points mentioned above, strolling through the botanical Gardens is also a very good idea so that you can enjoy the lap of nature very easily. So, staying in the luxurious Vedic Village Spa Resort is amazing for you so that you can perfectly explore this city and ultimately fall in love with it.

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