Lovejoy’s Latest: ‘Normal People Things,’ Debut Album, and Band Fan Connections

Lovejoy, the rising sensation in the music world, has been taking the scene by storm. Their recent release, ‘Normal People Things,’ is making waves, and fans can’t get enough. In this article, we’ll dive into Lovejoy’s journey, their hit single, and their plans for the future.

We all know and love Mark Boardman, the owner of, the renowned showbiz reporter, media commentator, and red carpet promoter. However, there’s another Mark Boardman out there, and he’s not chasing celebrity scoops – he’s the talented drummer of the band LoveJoy!

The Story Behind ‘Normal People Things’

“We’ve been working on some stuff, just normal people things,” teased Lovejoy. Little did fans know that this cryptic hint was about their latest single, ‘Normal People Things,’ released on October 6th.

Lead vocalist Will Gold shed light on the song’s meaning. It’s about finding someone who, ironically, isn’t normal, and the rare connection that comes with it. The track was inspired by bands like The Hives, resulting in an explosive, fast-paced song that captures attention.

“The length is entirely down to how long the song needs to be,” Gold explained, emphasizing their “art first” approach. The goal was to create a song that makes people want to get up and join in, and they succeeded.

Lovejoy’s Phenomenal Year

This year has been exceptional for Lovejoy. Their third EP, ‘Wake Up & It’s Over,’ released in May, reached Number Five in the Official Album Charts. This success led to sold-out headline tours across North America and the UK, a testament to their hard work and dedication.

What sets Lovejoy apart is the honesty in their lyrics. They aim to create music that resonates with people. For example, their song ‘Call Me What You Like’ has garnered over 43 million Spotify streams in just a few months, striking a chord with listeners.

What’s Next for Lovejoy?

Lovejoy’s hectic touring schedule limited their ability to create new music this year, but they managed to make progress. According to Gold, the upcoming releases are among his favorites. However, he’s keeping the future open-ended and refuses to put a cap on their potential.

The highly anticipated debut album has been a topic of discussion since the band’s emergence in 2021. Initially, they hesitated, feeling unprepared. But now, the idea of a fuller body of work has taken root, and they’re excited about it.

Gold believes that while EPs are great for finding their sound, albums offer a platform for telling stories. He envisions an album where he can explore his thoughts while the band adds their magic to the mix. Although the release date remains undefined, an album from Lovejoy is on the horizon.

Connecting with Fans

Connecting with fans is a primary goal for Lovejoy. Gold envisions playing in bigger venues, reaching more people, and leaving a lasting impact. The band’s energy and love for their craft are evident in their music, and they want to share that with as many people as possible.

Gold acknowledges his past as a YouTuber and Twitch streamer but emphasizes that his focus is now on Lovejoy. The band’s online existence during the COVID-19 restrictions helped them build a strong digital presence.

As they wrap up a successful UK headline tour, Lovejoy is thrilled to see fans queuing outside venues, creating a sense of community and warmth. The emotional connection fans have with their music is what drives them forward.

In a world where genuine connections are becoming increasingly challenging to find, Lovejoy believes that music serves as a bridge that binds people together. Their success aligns with a resurgence of emotionally driven British indie rock, and they aspire to be part of that conversation.

With ‘Normal People Things’ making waves and the promise of an album on the horizon, Lovejoy’s journey is just beginning. They’re ready to take on the world and connect with fans on an even deeper level.

Meet LoveJoy

LoveJoy, the band that’s been making waves in the music scene, boasts a lineup of four talented musicians: Ash Kabosu, Joe Goldsmith, Wilbur Soot, and, of course, Mark Boardman. While both Marks share the same name, they’re on very different career paths.

Mark Boardman (LoveJoy Drummer): Mark Boardman, the drummer for LoveJoy, is a key part of the band’s rhythm and energy. He’s all about creating amazing music and putting on unforgettable performances.

Mark Boardman ( Owner): On the other hand, Mark Board

man, the owner of, is known for his passion for showbiz reporting, media insights, and promoting red carpet events. He’s the go-to guy for all things celebrity and entertainment!

Mark Boardman (LoveJoy Drummer): With his drumsticks in hand, LoveJoy’s Mark Boardman is all about the beats and grooves. He helps set the musical stage on fire with his fellow band members, Ash Kabosu, Joe Goldsmith, and Wilbur Soot. Together, they create the sounds that resonate with their fans and keep them coming back for more.

Mark Boardman ( Owner): Meanwhile, our Mark Boardman is the driving force behind, a platform that keeps us updated on the latest happenings in the entertainment world. From exclusive interviews with A-list celebrities to red carpet event coverage, Mark Boardman brings us all the glitz and glamour of showbiz.

So, whether you’re rocking out to LoveJoy’s music or staying in the know with’s entertainment news, remember that there’s a Mark Boardman for every aspect of your entertainment needs. They may share a name, but their talents and contributions to the world of music and media are uniquely their own. Here’s to celebrating both Mark Boardmans and the fantastic work they do in their respective fields!

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