Tactical Trends to Watch: What Formations and Styles Will Dominate Euro 2024?

The tactical battleground will be of keen interest to many football fans in the upcoming Euro 2024 tournament.

While there are still many observers who are just enamored with the final result of a match and do not care for much else, the tactical side of the game has become more and more intriguing and encapsulating for other fans of the game. Indeed, there have been websites and specialists within the field as a result of its popularity. At the same time, clubs and national teams employ experts and analysts to try and give them the competitive advantage they continually seek.

Given the nature of the 2024 Euros, it’s no surprise that there will be plenty of tactics and formational battles on offer during the competition. The tournament will see the best 24 nations compete against each other in Germany this summer, and each of them will be very understanding of the importance of getting their strategies right.

How will teams approach the 2024 Euros tactically?

Naturally, the national teams to have qualified will likely already have a tactical approach that they will believe will serve them best when at the tournament. They will have qualified with a certain methodology that worked during the initial phase, and it would not be a surprise if we were to see them adopt similar approaches.

Of course, this can be very dependent on the type of competition they come up against and the types of players they may have available. There is still a lot of football left to be played at Club level, which could be concerning for national team managers looking to plan for this summer’s event. Injuries could potentially occur to key players, and if they do, this can have a direct impact on the tactics or the formations that they may employ. This could then create issues when playing matches, as they may not be at their best.

The changes that may be forced can create a new style of play, which could be negativity experienced by many others, too. The Euros is one of the biggest football competitions globally, and it attracts many sports betting enthusiasts. Those who do wager on the competition and like to use features like the build a bet offered by Unibet may have to consider other wagering markets than normal due to the changes that may be experienced to the tactics and formations that are usually used.

This is why it can be beneficial for fans to know what to expect and learn how certain teams like to play.

What should we expect to see at the 2024 Euros?

Taking a look at the top teams – those who are considered to be among the favorites to win the 2024 European Championships – there is a degree of expectation about what we could see when they take to the pitch this summer.

Starting with one of the co-favorites, France will likely look to use the attacking power that they have to their advantage. They have a glut of attacking options that can cause trouble, so it would not be a surprise to see them look to exploit defenses and go for as many goals as possible.

Other bookmakers also have England as co-favourites for this coming tournament, with a suggestion for the Three Lions to go with a 4-2-3-1 approach. This would be centered on Harry Kane as the lone striker rather than concentrating on one side of the team.

Germany are indeed one of the most captivating as they are able to carry out a lot of tactical versatility because of the footballers that they have. Although 2023 was an utter disaster for Die Mannschaft, this year could be the type of reset new coach Julian Nagelsmann’s side needs. They could shape into different systems, where 4-3-3, 2-3-5 (in attack) and classic 4-4-2 could all be used.

When Spain are playing, they could consider winning the midfield battle because of the talented options they have to choose from, while Italy are known for their defensive talents. Nevertheless, they may need to be more solid than ever if they are to keep the 2020 Euro title which they managed to win in the reorganized competition of 2021 by defeating England in a penalty shootout.

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