Euro 2024 Football Teams: The Contenders

The UEFA European Championship, commonly referred to as Euro 2024, is set to captivate football enthusiasts across the globe as it unfolds in Germany this summer. With ten stunning venues playing host to the tournament, anticipation is high for an exhilarating display of footballing prowess.

Tournament Overview

Euro 2024 commences on June 14th, featuring an exciting opening match between hosts Germany and Scotland. Over the course of the tournament, 51 matches will be played, culminating in the grand finale on July 14th at the Olympiastadion in Berlin. The previous edition, held in 2021, witnessed Italy clinch victory over hosts England in a thrilling final at Wembley Stadium.

Tournament Format

Twenty-four qualifying teams are divided into six groups, each comprising four teams. Teams compete in a round-robin format within their respective groups, playing three matches each. The top two teams from each group advance to the knockout stage, along with four third-placed teams with the best records. Knockout stage matches are decided by one-off fixtures, with extra time and penalties employed if necessary, leading to the ultimate crowning of the European champions.

Leading Contenders


Leading the pack of contenders is England, buoyed by their impressive performance in the previous tournament despite falling short in the final against Italy. With a burgeoning young squad led by captain Harry Kane, England aims to clinch the Euro 2024 title and solidify its place among footballing elites.


France emerges as a formidable challenger, boasting a star-studded lineup featuring the likes of Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, and Eduardo Camavinga. Despite narrowly missing out on World Cup glory in 2022, Les Bleus are determined to seize the European title and assert their dominance on the international stage.


As the tournament hosts, Germany carries the weight of expectations on their shoulders. Despite recent setbacks, including unexpected defeats, “Die Mannschaft” remains a formidable force with seasoned players like Ilkay Gundogan and Leon Goretzka leading the charge. The home advantage could prove instrumental in Germany’s quest for Euro 2024 glory.


Spain, another strong contender, showcases a blend of seasoned veterans and emerging talents. Despite undergoing a transition phase post-international retirements, “La Furia Roja” boasts a midfield prowess led by players like Gavi and Rodri. With a successful qualification campaign under their belt, Spain eyes a strong showing in the tournament.


Rounding off the top contenders is Portugal, guided by the iconic Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite his advancing years, Ronaldo’s influence remains unparalleled, supported by a talented ensemble including Bernardo Silva and Bruno Fernandes. Portugal aims to harness their collective strength to mount a formidable title challenge at Euro 2024.

Dark Horses

While the spotlight shines on the favorites, potential dark horses lurk in the shadows, ready to defy expectations. Belgium, despite previous disappointments, possesses the talent to make a deep run in the tournament. Similarly, the Netherlands, anchored by defensive stalwart Virgil Van Dijk, harbors aspirations of surpassing past shortcomings. Meanwhile, reigning champions Italy face the daunting task of defending their title amidst a changing roster, presenting both challenges and opportunities on their Euro 2024 campaign.

Qualified teams for Euro 2024

| Country         | Venue                           | Stadium/Location                      |
| Albania         | Kamen, Germany                  | SportCentrum Kaiserau                 |
| Austria         | Berlin, Germany                 | Mommsenstadion                        |
| Belgium         |                                 |                                       |
| Croatia         | Neuruppin, Germany              | Volksparkstadion, MSV Neuruppin       |
| Czech Republic  | Hamburg, Germany                | Edmund-Plambeck-Stadion, FC Eintracht Norderstedt 03 |
| Denmark         | Freudenstadt, Germany           | Hermann-Saam-Stadion                  |
| England         | Blankenhain, Germany            | Golfresort Weimarer Land              |
| France          | Bad Lippspringe, Germany        | Home Deluxe Arena, SC Paderborn 07    |
| Germany         |                                 |                                       |
| Hungary         |                                 |                                       |
| Italy           |                                 |                                       |
| Netherlands     | Wolfsburg, Germany              | AOK Stadion, VfL Wolfsburg (women)    |
| Portugal        |                                 |                                       |
| Romania         | Würzburg, Germany               | Akon Arena, FC Würzburger Kickers     |
| Scotland        | Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany| Stadion am Gröben                    |
| Serbia          | Augsburg, Germany               | Rosenaustadion, FC Augsburg (Women)   |
| Slovakia        |                                 |                                       |
| Slovenia        | Wuppertal, Germany              | Stadion am Zoo, Wuppertaler SV        |
| Spain           | Donaueschingen, Germany         | Der Öschberghof                       |
| Switzerland     | Stuttgart, Germany              | Gazi-Stadion auf der Waldau           |
| Turkey          | Barsinghausen, Germany          | Sporthotel Fuchsbachtal    

Euro 2024 Football fixtures

Group A

  • Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland

Group B

  • Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania

Group C

  • Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England

Group D

  • Play-off winner A (Potentially Wales), Netherlands, Austria, France

Group E

  • Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Play-off winner B

Group F

  • Turkey, Play-off winner C, Portugal, Czech Republic

Broadcasting and Viewership

Football enthusiasts worldwide can look forward to witnessing the drama of Euro 2024 unfold, with extensive television coverage across free-to-air channels. Building upon the success of previous editions, Euro 2024 promises to captivate audiences and set new records for viewership, reaffirming football’s status as a global phenomenon.

In conclusion, Euro 2024 stands as a testament to the unifying power of football, bringing together nations and fans in celebration of the beautiful game. With an array of talented teams vying for supremacy, the stage is set for a thrilling spectacle that will captivate audiences and leave a lasting legacy in the annals of football history.

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