Ultimate Guide to Private Boat Tours in Amsterdam: Cost, Duration, and Best Charter Options

Whether its your visit to Amsterdam as a tourist who wants to delve into the city to the fullest, or you are a local wandering what would be the best vacation ideas within the city with a reasonable budget, cruising your way through the Amsterdam’s iconic canals is undisputedly the highly recommended option. Rent as exclusive boat today and float on the waters across the city in peace. 

However, before you charter a boat, you must be aware of the latest rates and routes. Here you will get every bit of information you need to get the best private boat tour in Amsterdam.

Where to Charter a Boat Ride for Private Tour?

In this beautiful city of canals, getting a perfect private boat tour can be a task daunting enough, especially for the inexperienced ones. One obviously wants to get the best value for one’s money. To ensure that you enjoy every moment onboard, we, at Amsterdam Private Boat, offer undoubtedly the most reasonable cruising options while keeping in mind that you enjoy an experience that you cherish for ages.

For a couple, or for a group of up to 8 individuals (with a maximum of 6 adults), we would suggest opting for a private boat instead of shared rides on larger tourist boats. The tourist boats do not offer privacy you need for a peaceful trip. Private cruises, however, let you experience your ride in complete privacy and make every moment a special one. 

A Undine boat is among the most luxurious private boats in the town, equipped with every comfort you’d wish for. For example;

  • Undine has a very comfy sundeck to let the boarders admire the beauty of the city under the sun and over the waters.
  • However, it can be partially or fully covered to make sure, weather doesn’t stand a chance to ruin the tour.
  • It has a decent minibar to help everyone grab their favorite beverage as you cruise away from your daily hassles into serenity.
  • One of the remarkable features of Undine includes double glass panes on its windows. This ensure that even in the foggiest nights, the windows don’t accumulate fog so that you get a clear view of the city.
  • Besides, we provide fleece blankets for a comfortable and cozy time onboard. 

If your group comprises of above 8 individuals, contact us so that we can accommodate you on other private boats we have for bigger groups.

The Cost and Duration of Private Tours

A very pressing question for tourists is How much is it to rent a private boat to tour Amsterdam? Well, the cost of your trip is dependent on various factors including the preferred duration of the trip, the dining requirements, and the size of the group. 

How Much Is a Boat Tour to Amsterdam?

The cruise tours start with a price as reasonable as 250 €. However, how much it will cost depends on how long is the boat tour to Amsterdam. Here are the packages depending on your trip’s duration and your preferred menu;

  • 1 hour with complementary welcome drink costs 250 €.
  • 1.5 hours with a welcome drink will cost 340 €. 
  • You can also enjoy the upcoming new edition of the famous Amsterdam Light Festival on a private boat for just 340 €.
  • 2 hours trip including welcome drink is available for 430 €.
  • If you are looking to get a dinner cruise, it must be booked for at least 2 hours. The charges for dinner cruise are 430 € excluding food which will be billed separately.
  • 3 hours private boat ride with welcome drink included will cost you 610 €.

Why Prefer a Saloon Boat to Tour Amsterdam?

Preferring a private cruise over a shared one is certainly a wise thing to do due to immense advantages offered by the former. 

  • Smaller private boats can easily cruise through the traffic without a fear of getting stuck in anywhere in traffic. 
  • They offer privacy, making each moment spent on the trip a memorable one. 
  • You don’t need to be among strangers while spending time with your loved ones in a saloon cruise. 
  • Your personal guide on your personal boat is always available to answer all your questions concerning the city and make you explore it in the real sense. 
  • Private tour means your preferred routes. You can literally take the cruise wherever you want and visit your preferred sites. 
  • Take memorable picture on board at your favorite locations with no strangers in the background. 

To sum up, a saloon boat tour to Amsterdam city is certainly the most recommended way of exploring the city and that too over the serene waters. Say good by to your day to day worries for a couple of hours, roam around Amsterdam while floating over the gleaming waters in the company of partner, friends, or family.

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