Embark on a Journey of Skin Repair with the Concept of “Active Oxygen”

In the field of skincare, combines innovative skincare technology with a unique brand philosophy, integrating art and fashion with skincare to create the beauty of healthy skin. Faced with the impact of stress and environmental pollution on skin health in modern life, many brands initiates a journey of skin repair with the concept of “active oxygen,” helping the skin regain its original purity and health.

Various pressures in modern life, such as environmental pollution, stress, and mental tension, severely undermine the health of the skin, causing it to become dehydrated and uncomfortable, losing its original purity and health. Adhering to a unique skincare philosophy centred around “active oxygen” and launches a series of products and repair solutions to help the skin resist stress and discomfort, restoring its natural vitality and health.

The VIIcode Brand originated from legends about mysterious plants two centuries ago, inspiring the creative ideas of the Byrne Victor family, a Jewish medical family from Austria, and thereby changing the history of skincare products. The brand utilizes exquisite and oxygen-resistant plants from the Alps, extracting the core ingredient that improves the circulation of the skin around the eyes called EOPE (Ecological Oxygen Plant Extract) – a rare and active essence. Combining this unique active essence with a sensory experience, takings oxygen skincare to a whole new level.

Companies not only dedicated to skin repair but also combines Western classical culture and French artistic inspiration, collaborating across boundaries with the art field. Through collaborations with the art world, to combine Ecological Oxygen Plant Extract with spa eye treatments to create an ultimate beauty experience. This collaboration not only elevates the brand’s marketing approach to new heights but also signifies a turning point in the field of eye care, endowing the products with a higher level of artistic refinement.

In pursuit of excellence in the laboratory, striving for perfection. Each product update is highly anticipated, and through continuous research and development of new formulas, the brand ensures the preservation and enhanced reparative effects of the Ecological Oxygen Plant Extract. The brand carefully crafts precious active ingredients to ensure their resilient energy and active oxygen properties are retained. After artificial harvesting, each plant is processed in a unique preservation device, and through rigorous testing, the trace elements are ensured to reach a certain concentration. This handmade and customized process ensures that each product is unique.

From artificial harvesting in the Amazon rainforest to the rare oxygen-resistant plants found worldwide, to achieve unexpected skincare results through ancient and constant-temperature fermentation in ice caves. Through this special stone mortar extraction process, effectively preserves the active plant components, bringing outstanding repair effects to the skin.

Now, with concept of “active oxygen,” you can embark on a deep repair journey, listen to your skin’s needs, immerse yourself in meditation, enjoy a night of deep sleep, and experience the restorative effects. Let the power of active oxygen become the shield for your skin, resisting the red “alarms” emitted by your skin, allowing your skin to restore its original natural vitality and health.

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