Starlight Express Returns to London in 2024

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Starlight Express is set to make a spectacular return to London in 2024, promising audiences an entirely immersive experience in the world of speed, song, and storytelling. This brand-new production will unfold in a specially designed “Starlight Auditorium” at the Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre, with its grand opening scheduled for June 8, 2024.

A Roller-Skating Extravaganza

This revived production of Starlight Express will be a roller-skating extravaganza, featuring a talented cast of 40 performers who will glide around and above the audience, adding an electrifying dimension to the show. The production will showcase the iconic music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, including beloved tracks such as AC/DC, Only He, Make Up My Heart, Light at the End of the Tunnel, and, of course, the unforgettable Starlight Express.

The Creative Team

Behind the scenes, a stellar creative team has been assembled to bring this production to life. Luke Sheppard, known for his work on shows like &Juliet and The Little Big Things, will take the helm as the director. Joining him are Arlene Phillips, the original choreographer of the show, who will serve as a creative dramaturg, and Ashley Nottingham, renowned choreographer of Pacific Overtures, tasked with crafting new choreography. The set will be brought to life by Tim Hatley (Back to the Future), and video design will be handled by Andrzej Goulding (Life of Pi). Costume design is in the capable hands of Gabriella Slade (Six), while lighting design will be executed by Howard Hudson (&Juliet), and sound design by Gareth Owen (MJ the Musical). Matthew Brind will oversee new orchestrations and musical supervision.

The Tale of Starlight Express

Starlight Express weaves a magical tale around a child’s train set that mysteriously springs to life. As the engines race to claim the title of the world’s fastest, Rusty, a steam train, initially appears to have little chance of victory. However, Rusty finds inspiration in the legendary “Starlight Express,” setting the stage for a thrilling journey of self-discovery and triumph.


A Vision for the Future

Andrew Lloyd Webber, the creative genius behind the show, expressed his excitement about the return of Starlight Express and hinted at a major plot twist that will make this rendition a truly unique experience. He stated, “The world’s first truly immersive musical will this time be an experience like no other. Watch out for the big new plot twist and you will discover why steam power is the future of the railway.”

Luke Sheppard, the director, shared his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the unparalleled thrill of Starlight Express. He emphasized how this new production would bring audiences closer than ever to the music, wonder, and action that have made the show iconic. Sheppard also expressed the hope that this reimagined version would captivate London audiences once more and introduce the magic of the show to a new generation.

Upcoming Casting

While the cast has yet to be officially announced, expectations are high for a talented ensemble that will bring the characters of Starlight Express to life with energy and flair.

Lloyd Webber Harrison Musicals

Starlight Express is the second production from Lloyd Webber Harrison Musicals, a partnership between Andrew Lloyd Webber and West End producer Michael Harrison. Their first collaboration, a new production of Sunset Boulevard, directed by Jamie Lloyd and featuring Nicole Scherzinger, is set to begin performances at the Savoy Theatre in London.

A Legendary History

The original production of Starlight Express premiered at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London in March 1984, under the direction of Trevor Nunn and the choreography of Arlene Phillips. This iconic show ran for over 7,400 performances before concluding its initial run in January 2002. Remarkably, a purpose-built venue in Bochum, Germany, has continued to host Starlight Express since 1988, illustrating the enduring appeal and worldwide popularity of this beloved musical.

As London eagerly awaits the return of this spectacular production in 2024, theatergoers can anticipate a thrilling and immersive experience that combines the magic of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music with the excitement of roller-skating performers, all within the enchanting world of Starlight Express.

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