What Bookmakers Recommend When Choosing An Online Sportsbook

Japanese jockey Yutaka Yoshida rode his Panthalassa to victory at Riyadh’s $20 mil purse thoroughbred cup. Panthalassa blew past the 10-1 odds ascribed to him before the race to clinch a whopping $10 mil prize – the largest of any race cup worldwide. Trainer Yoshito Yahagi spoke with a positive feeling before the race, saying, “number one should be a good number” regarding his expectations. The result gave Japanese sports and horse racing fans a reason to rejoice in anticipation of another major cup – the $3 mil purse, $1.86 mil victor prix Kentucky Derby race.

Inspired by Panthalassa’s win, many new and seasoned bettors will try their chances at online sports betting sites in a country where betting is on the rise. However, Japanese bookmakers recommend that bettors place their money through licensed websites that have earned the trust and reputation in the international betting market.

Online Sports Betting in Japan

People in Japan typically bet on keirin cycling, horses, auto, and speedboat racing – all of which are legal betting spots in the country. According to authorities, there has been a 60% increase in betting on these sports since 2020, but other sports outside the nationally-regulated betting industry are also growing in popularity. Sports betting experts in Japan recommend that people new to betting on international websites follow certain guidelines to have an enjoyable betting experience. The growth in the number of international betting sites has brought along operators that cannot be trusted.

What to Look for in a Reputable Betting Site

The internet is filled with hundreds of online betting sites that offer large signup bonuses and benefits to account holders. The question that sports betting fans should normally ask is, how do I know which betting site to trust? We will share the insights recommended by Japanese bookmakers that can help bettors find legal and safe betting sites in Japan


Reputable companies don’t hide their licensing information. In fact, they provide the license number at the bottom of the page so that customers can check with the issuing authority. Government-issued licenses are important because they guarantee legal protection for the players and prevent companies from scamming bettors. Some world-standard government agencies for sports betting licenses are the Malta Gaming Authority and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, with a few more that provide legal regulation, like the Curaçao Gaming Control Board. 


Operators pay steep licensing fees so they can provide legal sports betting online. However, not every website sticks to the rules. Reputable websites provide information about how player privacy is protected, and how player data is used by the operator, and provide the option for exclusion from future communications. They have readily-available customer support and react accordingly when it comes to problem gambling. This includes self-exclusion options and partnerships with organizations that provide support and guidance to players. 


Licensed and reputable betting sites will have 128-bit encryption, providing a safe information transfer between the account holder and the website. High-end encryption is crucial in preserving personal data. Government regulatory bodies require their licensees to inform customers about how personal details are stored and provide protection from hackers and cyber attacks. 

Payment methods

Offering internationally-recognized payment methods is another key insight to consider. When making a payment or withdrawal, you should be able to find Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro for card payments. PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and other notable platforms should be accepted for e-wallet payments. Mobile payment systems like Rakuten, Google Pay, and Apple Pay are also typical options at safe betting sites. 

Betting Markets 

Sports bettors in Japan have diverse interests when it comes to the choice of sports. Those we named above enjoy a huge following, but so do tennis, NBA, football, baseball, and various racing sports. The wider the range of sports, the better the website’s reputation.

Customer Service

Customer support is crucial when joining a betting site, and websites that don’t provide easy access to customer service agents deserve to be second-guessed. The preferred method of providing help is through live chat and telephone, and these should be available 24/7, as reputable international websites usually do. 


Sports betting in Japan is taking off, and bettors must learn how to play it safely. In addition to these recommendations, we advise that players set out a budget for bets they can afford to play through. Unlike online casino games, which are games of chance, sports betting enables participants to make educated guesses and conduct research on teams, players, racers, and so on. This is what makes this pastime fun and exciting. But let’s do this sensibly by betting on websites that Japanese bookmakers recommend.

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