Here’s How Eric Castellano Got Inspired To Become an Influencer

Social Media Influencers have become the most important figures in the digital era. They are like celebrities and often are looked up to by people. Eric Castellano is also a famous Instagram Influencer with many achievements as a businessman. He is the CEO of AmazonLit, a consulting agency for Amazon sellers and other businesses.

Eric Castellano began his career as a young entrepreneur. He opened his online business on Amazon that has now achieved many milestones. Eric started his business with only a few bucks in his pocket. As a teen, he earned money by working in McDonald’s and then used it to buy wholesale products to sell to his classmates at a higher price. Eric learned about business structure, employee management, supply, and demand, dealing with vendors at a very young age.

His journey as an entrepreneur was not easy as he suffered from financial loss, personally, he became addicted to substances that deteriorated his mental health. Overcoming all the difficulties and challenges in life brought him success. Eric is now an optimistic person with routine habits and a positive mindset. 

Eric’s experience in the e-commerce industry makes him the perfect mentor that young people need to learn about the business world and life. He aims to achieve more goals in life such as educating 20,000 Amazon sellers to grow their business and increasing his company’s revenue by $100 million sales per year. He is working hard to achieve his dreams. 

As a mentor, Eric has launched a new program called EsellersRI that educates new and existing Amazon sellers and owners about business. This program is one of the top Amazon FBA courses for being authentic and personalized 18-course modules. Furthermore, his business partner Sebastian Cwik will launch a new SaaS that can assist sellers on amazon to put together and submit orders to their vendors easily.

Eric began his career as an influencer after his business success. He wants to inspire other people to grow and gain profit in their businesses through his advice. He does not want 8 years of his experience which is worth sharing to be wasted. Seeing the popularity of social media influencing, Eric got inspired to become an influencer. To reach a global audience, Eric posts content related to Amazon on YouTube where people can gain knowledge from. The drive behind his social media influence is to mentor Amazon sellers who are new to the business. 

Eric is optimistic that through his social media content, people can gain authentic sources to expand their business as well. He sees that there are so many businesses that lack experience and guidance, so through his page, people can learn more. He has already mentored 2,000 students about business and aims to educate more. 

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