Which Are The Top 3 Destinations to Invest in Real Estate in Portugal

Investing in a country’s economy, particularly real estate, is the quickest way to obtain legal residency or citizenship. The most popular cities for foreign investors to purchase real estate in order to establish legal residency in Portugal are Lisbon and Porto are out of reach, but how does a landlord style property. Successful businesspeople and investors from around the world, obtain citizenship and residency permits in a variety of countries.

Now the real estate market offers some intriguing opportunities for long-term investments. If you’re considering a real estate investment, you’ve probably heard of the Golden Visa program.

Despite legal changes that ended the Golden Visa in major cities back in January 2022, Portugal is still a relatively unexplored nation. Here are the top 3 destinations to be discovered. 

Madeira Islands

If you define the quality of life as security, calmness, unspoiled beauty, and less traffic, the Maderia is an excellent choice. Far from the bustling cities of Lisbon or Porto, the island is peaceful and serene. It is a truly exceptional location in terms of both geography and culture with a semi-tropical climate due to its proximity to Africa.

There are numerous investment opportunities in Madeira’s appealing real estate market. The vibrant and inventive business climate is one of the primary reasons Madeira is an excellent place for international investment. Another advantage is the tax structure. It is one of the most desirable and exciting places to live.

The Azores

The Azores, a Portuguese territory, enjoys favorable fiscal and economic conditions. Because the islands are classified as underdeveloped, the investment required for a Golden Visa is low. The Azores is expected to see an increase in real estate values as they become more popular among overseas investors. As a result, the Azores is a fantastic place to invest right now.

Azores real estate ranges from farms in the interior to homes and condominiums on the coast. If you don’t intend to live there permanently, it’s ideal for vacation rentals. It serves as a haven for eco-tourism activities such as hiking, whale watching, scuba diving, and water sports. Real estate prices are slightly lower than in Madeira.

The Douro Valley

Buying property in the Douro Valley protects your residency while also increasing the value of your investment. With the right investment, even a Portuguese Golden Visa can be obtained. Douro apartments offer unique views, including expansive vistas of mountains and vineyards.

Douro’s houses and apartments are elegantly built. The fully functional kitchens are excellent. You can spend money on a villa that has only been partially renovated and customize it to your liking. Some villas have large patios, gardens, and garages where you can enjoy nature.

Expert Support in Purchasing Real Property in Portugal

If you are still asking does Madeira qualify for Golden Visa? The answer is yes. You should definitely consider Madeira, as an investment destination in Portugal. Regardless of which option appeals to you, seek professional advice.

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