7 Convincing Reasons Why Hublot Is the Best Watch to Choose

You do not need to be a fashion expert to know that what you wear says a lot about who you are. Ever since humans started to craft and wear clothes, it has been a symbol for power and authority — lavish nobility wore satin and silk, while the commoners wore tattered drapes.

Today, the idea of clothes as a sign of authority and power has dwindled. Mostly because clothes have become commonplace and accessible for all. What replaced it, however, are accessories: jewelry, makeup, and most especially watches. Watches have become a status symbol and a good barometer for how deep someone’s pockets are. Swiss-made watches specifically are a whole league of their own and worn by society’s elites. Below, we talk about why Hublot watches translate to sophistication and elitism for the sort of people who walk the red carpet and live like a vip.

1. It Has Unique Craftsmanship

There is no denying that Hublot is uniquely designed compared to its counterparts in the Swiss watch arena. Hublot watches are a good mix of modern and classy designs fused into one. Using high-quality materials, they make timepieces that can be worn on casual days and formal events.

And like their counterparts, Hublot watches are crafted with a unique clockwork mechanism that makes each watch model different from one another. Horologists and watch aficionados know that complexity of a watch’s clockwork design is what gives it value, and Hublot values its clockwork design.

2. It Is Branded “Swiss”

The world of horology is a complex, winding road and can be overwhelming to those new to the trade. Horology, or the study of time and the art of creating watches, has been around since the first civilizations. It is an art as old as the Greeks.

Watches with the brand “Swiss” are the most luxurious and complex watches in the horology world. Swiss watches are distinguished because Switzerland has a law that sets the standard of watches with the “Swiss-made” label. The government of Switzerland revisits this law often and makes improvements to keep up with the demand for better and more luxurious Swiss watches. Hublot has maintained its status as a Swiss-made watch since 1980.

3.It Reflects Status

If you want to show off your status without being too obvious, having a nice luxurious watch on your wrist is the best way to do it. High-class watches are easily recognizable and have a unique look and feel compared to ordinary watches. And for people who love watches, a genuine Swiss watch is easily recognizable.

Many high-class personalities invest in good luxury watches because they know the value of wearing the right one on the right occasion; many have more than one luxury watch so they can mix and match with their outfit to project their wealth even more. Hublot’s luxurious design and feel will go well with any million-dollar suit or gown.

4. It Is A Brand Worn By Royalty

A watch does not only get value from its craftsmanship and label, but also from those who wear them. When famous people wear a specific watch brand, you can expect the value of the watch to go up. With Hublot, you are wearing a watch worn by royalty.

Since the brand’s creation in 1980, it has attracted royal personalities like the King of Sweden and prince Monaco. In Hollywood, personalities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Beyonce, and Jay-Z are seen wearing a Hublot watch on occasion. If you are an NBA fan, Dwayne Wade, the Miami Heats team, and the late Kobe Bryant were known wearers of Hublot.

5. It Is A Timeless Brand

When it comes to watches, it is easy for a brand to die out if the customer’s preferences have changed. This is especially true for luxury watches that have a relatively small market due to their high price point. But when a luxury watch brand manages to stay alive for a long time, that is a testament to how good the brand is.

Competing in the luxury brand market can be extremely difficult for brand owners. And staying relevant is something that these companies are always aiming for. Hublot has been in the luxury watch market for over 40 years and is still a strong contender among competitors.

6. It Is Built To Last

When people hear luxury watches, many think it is a highly sophisticated watch that cannot be used for outdoor use. Though there are many watches like this, Hublot is not one of them.

Hublot watches are built to withstand at least some degree of activity. Many of their watches have strong waterproofing and can go as deep as 4,000 meters underwater. Hublot watches are also built with high-quality materials and can withstand normal shock.

Though many of Hublot’s watches are high-quality, they are generally weak against magnets and magnetism. Like many luxury watches, Hublot watches are crafted by hand and have a complex clockwork mechanism. When exposed to magnets and magnetic fields, the precision can be disrupted and can ruin the clockwork. So, this is something owners must do their best to avoid.

7. It Has A State-Of-The-Art E-Warranty

Lastly, Hublot has created a groundbreaking innovation in providing warranty services for their watches. Using new technology and the blockchain environment, they have created a new kind of warranty that can be improved in the future of watch warranty.

Their e-warranty uses image recognition to ensure authenticity, helping prevent counterfeits from taking advantage of their warranty services. Hublot’s warranty period is up to two years, where you can have your watch serviced by their dedicated team. You can also register online on their website to enjoy privileges they offer only to Hublot watch owners.


Watches have been around for hundreds of years and have helped humanity in many ways. As humans began to reshape their culture and way of life, the role and symbol of watches have also changed. It is no surprise that today, Wristwatches have become one of the main symbols of status and class.

Luxury watches like Hublot have changed the way people see wristwatches. And with their timeless beauty and allure, luxury watches will remain a significant accessory to any high-class member of society.

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