How to Repair Corrupt Excel Files

Microsoft Excel still is the most used app in the whole world for data analysis ever since it came out and that’s not all. Pretty much 90% of all businesses around the world use it and it’s still unrivaled in terms of spreadsheets. And that’s why it can be a major headache if your excel files start acting up. Now, it’s pretty normal that not everyone is a computer geek. So, a lot of us can get overwhelmed if that happens to us. That’s why we’re going to share some tricks we’ve picked to repair damaged excel files. And we’ll help you repair corrupt excel files with detailed solutions to recover the. It’ll also help you restore all lost data in your excel files as well.

Signs That Your Excel Files May Be Corrupt

There are different error prompts you may get while trying to open excel files. Excel can either tell you directly that it can’t open your files or it can show you error codes. The most common message is pretty self-explanatory.

It just tells you that Excel can’t open the file or it has unreadable things in it and so you need Excel file repair tool. We can fix most of them without any special attempts, but we’ll discuss all the possible ways here.

Reasons for Excel File Corruption

Excel files can be corrupted due to mishandling files or anything similar. For example, if you force your PC to shut down while the Excel file is open, it can damage the file. If a block of your external storage is corrupted, the excel file itself can be affected as well. Even running the disk defragment app while excel is opened can damage and corrupt the files. The most problematic corruption occurs when your documents get infected with malware and it can severely damage the files. The good news here is that most of these corrupted files can be fixed with or without special help depending on the conditions.

How to Repair Corrupted Excel Files

Using Native Ways

There are some easy ways you can use to recover corrupted excel files. If malware corrupted the excel file, you can scan the document through Microsoft Defender and see if it helps. Then you can try removing unnecessary data from the excel file and it might just do the trick. And sometimes, Microsoft Excel itself can repair corrupt excel files or use Excel file repair software.

Using Special Software

People don’t always get lucky when it comes to fixing damaged files. And that’s why there is dedicated software to take care of that problem for you. And among them, the best one so far is Excel Repair Tool brought to you Data Recovery INC. Excel Repair tool can repair multiple corrupt excel files.

If the file itself is corrupt, Repair for Excel can restore the data intact to its fullest. It can fix all the versions of excel files doesn’t matter if it’s from Excel 2019 or 2013. It can repair corrupt excel files that are even older than that.

Repair for Excel can even fix unreadable content and large-sized excel files with ease. And it can fix all excel corruption errors without any problems. In the free version of the Excel Repair tool, you can preview your repaired excel file, but you’d need the premium package to use it.

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