Where To Look For Lessons On History?

Whenever uncertain things happen in the world, some people try to look at the past because there are chances that it has happened before, letting scientists and officials know what to do. That is why people need to collect and protect history. Without it, society will doom itself to repeating the mistakes in the past.

Before, you had to go to a library to learn about history. But because of technology, you now have the internet. So if you want to learn something, you can visit a site like History Defined. Besides that,here are other places where you can look for lessons on history.


Reading history books can be boring. So if you want something interesting, you can go to Histography. Sounds, visuals, animations, this place has all three. So you can look at 14 billion years of history from the Big Bang to the modern era with awe and excitement. 


Combining history and Instagram is not that exciting if you think about it. Why not just follow history-focused accounts, right? But Histagram is different. It has a wide collection of historical photos in its database, so expect something you haven’t seen before. There are also tongue-in-cheek captions and comments with the photos to make it seem someone shared them today.

A History of the World

If you like something different, BBC has something right up your alley. Their tagline “A History of the World in 100 Objects” delivers as you get a look at different objects from different ages, ranging from 2 billion years ago to 2010. Even better, museums across the UK are adding more objects to their collection. So you can find a tooth from a Wooly Mammoth to a Honda Civic from 1979.  

History Extra

If the previous website is like history archives, History Extra keeps up with the past and present. It’s the BBC History Magazine’s official website and also has a history podcast. But the most interesting part is their Historical Q&A section. If you have any history questions, this is one of the best places to ask.

Museo Galileo 

If you want to go to a museum but can’t, the best alternative would be to go to a virtual one. And the Museo Galileo in Florence has one of the best virtual museums in the world. It has over 1000 objects on permanent exhibition with detailed descriptions. Besides that, it also has biographies of inventors and artists in the backbone of the exhibit.

But what makes it stand out from other virtual museums is that it has a virtual exhibit for complex objects like Leonardo da Vinci’s works or the compass and telescope of Galileo.

History Explorer

The largest museum in the world is the Smithsonian. It may hold most of US History, but it also has exhibits from different places of the world. And if you want to learn about what it collected over the years, go to History Explorer, an interactive exhibit of the museum for its 3 million items in its collection.

The people that typically use this website are K12 students and teachers. But, if you want to increase your history knowledge, you can start at this place. Use filtering tools if you are looking for a specific piece of history.

Epic History TV

YouTube is the new television. And just like the shows on TV, there is also a dedicated channel for history topics. And Epic History TV is one of the best. So if you want to learn History through videos, you can subscribe to this channel.


It’s essential to learn about history online. If you simply forget about the past, you may repeat the same mistake twice, which can be costly. So brush up on your history and learn more using the places above.

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