How to Choose a White Label SEO Reseller Service?

Communicate with your team.
Communicate with your team.

An SEO agency can only handle so much work. And with a lot on your plate , it’s easy to get bogged down in the weeds. If this happens, your business might suffer. Thankfully, a white label SEO reseller service can take care of the heavy lifting, letting you dwell on your agency’s other core functions.  

If you find yourself stumped or need tips to help you select a dependable reseller service, you can thank your lucky stars – as you use the guide below to narrow down the options on your table:

1. Customer Service

Have you ever wondered why customers lean toward some brands? And why do they steer away from others? It’s not just because of the product or service. Usually, it has to do with how the company treats them.

That way, you can better field your clients’ queries or concerns without keeping them waiting. And if something goes amiss, they should be quick to fix it. As a result, you can meet your customer’s needs, which translates to more business opportunities.

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2. Turnaround Time

Once a client tasks you with a specific role, they expect your agency to keep your end of the bargain. This may imply delivering within a particular timeframe. Tardiness reflects poorly on your business, so it pays to avoid delays.

The reseller service you partner with should shoulder some of your workload without compromising quality. Ideally, they can help you meet deadlines and turn projects around in a jiffy. This way, you and your clients are happy with the final output. 

Besides, your clients can trust that you can deliver on time, regardless of the scope and complexity of the project. Consequently, your brand can make inroads in the industry.

3. Scalability

Are the reseller’s programs scalable? What if you want to take on more clients? Are the services easy to upgrade? If a reseller service can’t handle your growth, you should seek other options.

The reseller service you pick should have the capacity to scale up their operations if necessary. They can also offer various services, letting you can mixand match as you see fit. With the latter approach, you can better serve your clients, whether they need one-time projects or offer an ongoing retainer for your services. The idea is to have a partner with ample resources to boost your agency.

4. Quality Reporting

Progress reports provide a snapshot of the work done on a project. At their best, they can show the progress your clients’ sites have made – in terms of organic reach and conversions.

The reseller service you pick should provide quality reports, letting you show your clients the value of your partnership. Such information should also be easy to understand and digest. This way, your clients can appreciate the progress made without you needing to explain the data in depth.

A firm offering real-time updates of your SEO campaigns would be ideal as it allows you to identify and address roadblocks along the way. And if they offer tailored reporting tools, even better.

Excellent customer service should be a priority for any business and it is been followed by many companies like Yeah! Local.

5. Verifiable Credentials

Customers prefer to deal with professionals who know their stuff. So, research the prospective white label SEO resellers to determine if they can support their assertions. Don’t merely take their word for it – you never know if they’re trying to sell you a bill of goods.

When vetting a reseller service, look for case studies or reviews from past clients. These can give you a feel for what to expect from the company. If they’ve been in the industry for a while, you could be on the right track.

When you’re hunting for a reseller service, opt for a company that’s responsive and easy to work with. Specifically, they should make an effort to understand your needs and provide a system that works for you. 

You may also ask around to see if anyone you know has worked with them before. If so, dig further and ask about their experience. To help you land the right partner, here’re some white label SEO services reviews – is it worth it?

6. Pricing

Who doesn’t want a great deal? That said, the old adage holds true regarding white label services – you get what you pay for. As such, going for the cheapest reseller might not be a smart strategy. Mostly, they offer bargain-basement rates for a reason, so do your due diligence.

While you don’t have to pay through the nose, expect to pay for quality. However, remember that your clients are entrusting you with their business and expect outstanding results but at a reasonable price. After all, they can always turn to your competitors if they feel you’re overcharging them.

Picking the right candidate requires an investment on your part. Take the time to narrow the field by doing your homework. This way, you can ensure the reseller services you settle for fit the bill. As a direct result, you can increase your agency’s chances of success – now and in the future.

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