An Overview of Useful Social Media Extensions to Make Your Regular Multitasking Easy

For many users, accessing the Internet while also keeping up with social media at the same time is a regular behavior. Although switching open tabs is frequently utilized in these instances as a means of multitasking, sometimes similar procedures are not very practical. That is why there are web browser extensions that are great tools that make it easy to access social media profiles and may even offer some features that can further enhance the experience of editing, managing, or customizing social media settings.

Here are some of those great extensions for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Of course, there are numerous add-ons available that can greatly simplify your life when multitasking on browsers, such as Workona, Bookmark OS, or Tab Manager Plus, but here we will focus only on social media extensions.

INSSIST – Web Client for Instagram (Chrome)

INSSIST is a great Chrome extension that lets you do some Instagram features like posting photos, stories, videos, or reels (recording and posting short videos of up to 15 seconds) from the web browser itself. INSSIST can also be used to send instant messages on Instagram, manage hashtags, and post scheduling posts that will automatically post even when you are offline.

If you are one of the users who have multiple Instagram profiles, you do not have to worry. INSSIST offers support for multiple user accounts that you manage directly from a web browser. Additional options that are still available are Dark Mode, building the so-called hashtag ladder strategy (a well-known tactic to increase popularity on Instagram), or automatic posting of the so-called carousel (a post with more photos or videos that can be viewed by swiping or clicking left).

The INSSIST extension is free to use and is secure as it does not store your Instagram data.

Buffer (Chrome)

Buffer can be the ideal addition for you if you want to distribute exciting content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or while surfing the web (for example, checking out the offer of games of chance at casinos that are sorted by payment methods they offer to players, such as the best online casino sites that accept Jeton).

This great add-on also has a handy “Share image” button that allows you to quickly share photos from the web on your user profile on a particular social network. The material you publish or share is synced instantly and may be accessed in real-time on your smartphone or even PC.

Save to Facebook (Chrome)

Maybe you had a situation where you came across a funny or interesting video on Facebook, but you could not watch it to the end because you had to solve something urgently? With the Save to Facebook extension, you will be able to fix similar problems at any time.

With this extension, you can save items on Facebook and organize them within an existing or new collection. When you save something to your private list, only you have access to that content, but there is also the option to share on Facebook’s timeline or Facebook group. The “Shared Collections” function of the Save to Facebook extension allows you to share different saved files with friends.

For Facebook – Flash Video Player (Firefox)

You may make Flash Player your preferred video player on Facebook using this plugin. When you choose this option, all Facebook videos will be played using Adobe Flash Player.

When compared to HTML5, Flash Player offers additional alternatives for higher resolution video clips, ensuring that they are of greater quality. As a user, you can utilize the extension’s settings to specify HTML5 as the default software for streaming videos if needed.

Facebook Container (Firefox)

You may be active on Facebook while preventing Facebook from tracking your online activities via so-called third-party cookies if you use the Facebook Container extension. Facebook Container conceals your Facebook activity and prevents it from being accessed by other websites.

Please note that embedded Facebook comments in tabs outside the Facebook Container and “Like” buttons are not allowed. When you choose to share things from other online browser tabs, Facebook will be able to see the originating website from which you shared it by opening it in the Facebook Container.

Video Speed Controller (Firefox)

While many video playback programs do not have instantly available playback acceleration or limit it, the Video Speed Controller extension provides control over this feature. With it, the playback speed of each HTML5 video can be easily optimized.

After installing the Video Speed Controller, you will notice a speed increase or decrease indicator in the upper left corner of the HTML5 video player. You can also set the video speed control to be done with individual buttons or save the set speed so that you do not have to adjust the video again later.

Pinterest Save Button (Edge)

If you love the Pinterest social network, then the Pinterest Save Button will be a very practical extension. With it, you can save everything you find online and see it again via Pinterest. Whether it is a lunch recipe, a home decorating idea, a fashion expression inspiration, or an exercise-themed video, you just have to click on the extension and everything will be ready for later viewing. 

The Pinterest Save Button also comes with a feature that allows you to do visual searches. All you have to do is go over any photo you like and click on the visual search tool. The search will be over in no time, and as an additional option, new ideas with similar visual designs or content are offered.

Link for Tinder (Edge)

Link for Tinder is an extension for Microsoft Edge that allows you to access your Tinder profile without the need to use a smartphone. It can be used for the usual swipe on Tinder when viewing other profiles, but it is also possible to send messages to people with whom you are previously connected.

The extension is very economical because it uses very few hardware resources and internet data, so it can be very practical in situations where the internet connection is weak. Its additional setting can be made via the “Settings” menu.

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