Cheap Fax Machines – Best Choice for 2023

Despite its antiquity, faxing is still a widely used form of commercial communication, with 43 million fax machines in operation globally and 17 billion papers being sent by fax every year. These astoundingly high rates highlight how commonplace fax usage still is. Facing is still a significant component of the business environment and based on these figures it appears that this trend will continue for a considerable amount of time.

Fax machines’ price varies from $100 to $500, depending on the model and specs. This is good value for money, considering that these days, most fax machines can also be used for printing, photocopying and scanning. Today, I will highlight the best cheap fax machines for 2023, ensuring you are getting the best value for money.

What is a fax machine?

Fax machines use a telephone network to send documents electronically. It transmits messages known as “faxes”, which can be sent between two fax machines, between a fax machine and computer, or between a fax machine and online fax service that supports sending and receiving faxes. Typically, business-related documents are sent between different sites/locations using fax machines. Fax transmission is still used for private purposes, particularly by older generations.

Epson WorkForce WF-2750DWF

The Epson WorkForce is the model for you if you want a fax machine that also functions as a printer, photocopier, and scanner at a reasonable price. Although it has a rather bland appearance and may be fairly noisy when in use, its wealth of capabilities and the high caliber of its printing, scanning and faxing make it an excellent choice for home and business usage on a tight budget. In comparison to utilizing its flatbed scanner and manually swapping out pages, it includes an automated document feeder that can scan up to 30 pages. You can effortlessly print documents from any of your devices to this fax machine thanks to WiFi connection, iOS device compatibility, and AirPrint.

Brother MFC-L6800DWT

The Brother MFC-L6800DWT is unquestionably a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for the best fax machine for a busy workplace. It has a wide range of connectivity options to function as a fax machine, including USB and internet network, and is a laser printer that prints extremely quickly while maintaining a good print quality. It provides group dialing, automatic redialing, fax forwarding, and 33.6Kbps speeds. The Brother MFC-L6800DWT has a monthly page capacity of over 5,000. This fax machine offers seamless printing without having to be close to your printer because it supports printing from mobile devices and is AirPrint compatible.

Brother FAX-2940

You should not spend additional money on an all-in-one printer that offers functions you won’t use. The Brother FAX-2940 is the best dedicated fax machine on the market, ideal for those who just want to send and receive faxes. The Brother FAX-2940 has a tonne of amazing features, such as 200 speed dials and up to 500 pages of transmit/receive money, so you won’t miss any faxes if the machine runs out of paper. Additionally, a free software upgrade for the printer and scanner may be downloaded to make the device multifunctional.

Samsung SF-760P

The Samsung SF-760P could be the ideal fax machine for you if you need a dedicated fax machine and don’t mind a more traditional design. Its straightforward design encapsulates everything you need. Due to its concentration on sending and receiving faxes, it is excellent at what it does, providing a wealth of options and a respectable 33.6kbps fax transmission speed.

Black Canon All-in-one Fax Machine

All sorts of documents may be printed, scanned, faxed and copied with this multipurpose fax machine. It is simple to connect to both your PC and smartphone. You can easily operate this smartphone with the help of the 4.3-inch LED screen and functional user interface. Additionally, it enables you to print on a range of paper sizes. The 20-sheet auto document feeder quickly produces hard copies. 

Fax from iPhone App

You may not want to make the initial investment of purchasing a traditional fax machine and may instead be looking to choose alternative to fax machine. One great alternative is this app to send fax from iPhone. Modern technology makes it possible to send and receive fax via iPhone. The app includes a built-in scanner so you can quickly scan and share the documents you need. It enables you to track your document history, including a directory of your documents which you can store for as long as necessary by archiving them. This fax app for iPhone delivers outcomes as quickly as possible by utilizing advanced technology.

Final Thoughts

Today, I have discussed a number of great, cheap fax machines that you should purchase in 2023. I have also offered a cheaper and faster alternative to utilizing a traditional fax machine, the fax app for iPhone. This enables you to decide what option best suits your needs, whilst saving money!

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