Leaks Reveal Upcoming Release of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3

All the hype a couple of years ago, folding phones have since arrived with less of a splash than manufacturers would have hoped. While quality devices in their own right much improved with the second generation, their somewhat niche audience meant they’ve not become mainstream. With the leak of the existence of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, developers are hoping to continue their forward march, but can this new system measure up?

The Galaxy Z Fold 3

News of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 came from Twitter user Evan Blass, a man with an established record of accurate leaks for mobile devices. According to his posts as reported by Sammobile, the Fold 3 and Flip 3 are expected to launch later this year. At this point, we don’t yet know much about their specs, save for the much-welcomed inclusion of the S Pen stylus and related functionality. Aside from this stylus, other likely upgrades include general processing power, improved 5G support, and a more robust folding screen and folding mechanism.

Is a Folding Phone Right for You?

This is a question we get asked a lot, and it’s not one with any simple answer. Instead, the suitability of a folding phone is a matter of use case and a person’s available budget. On a processor level, these new phones are incredibly powerful. This is owed to the extra space available within the devices, which both allows for the insertion of more hardware and the better dissipation of heat. In this regard, an upgrade down the folding phone path could be a fine choice, but the big selling point, as we all know, is the screen itself.

Before the release of the first folding phones, tech enthusiasts expressed concerns about the longevity of the folding phone’s screen. As noted at CNET, early pre-launch models were notoriously flimsy, but this wasn’t a problem that would last long. Later incarnations of the first model addressed this problem well, and the later Fold 2 would further address the damage concern.

As for what these phones would excel at, there are a couple of undeniable advantages. The first is for users who have visual impairments, where a larger screen and larger text could mitigate this issue substantially. However, even for those with perfect vision, there are many situations where the greater visual real estate could prove advantageous.

A strong example of this could be found in engaging with interactive entertainment such as the Action Bank slots game. Whether browsing the website, collecting bonuses, or playing games like this or Buzz Bingo directly, the increased screen space of folding phones can help players get that much more invested. Essentially approaching a tablet in terms of increased visual clarity, casino games like this and many other non-interactive media experiences could be better for the change.

While we don’t yet have a launch date for these new phones, existing launch patterns make a release towards the end of this year likely. As for whether this is worth making a change for, that much depends on how long it’s been since you upgraded, and whether you care for the new features. At the very least, we can be sure that risks of wear and tear are vastly lessened, so unless you’re especially rough with a system, you shouldn’t have to worry about cracking these new devices in half.

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