Make Your Home Theater a Great Gathering Place for Family and Friends

In the past, people loved going out to the movies. Today, the narrative is different. The COVID-19 pandemic discouraged people from going to the movies due to the social distancing and public gathering regulations by the CDC. That means that the number of people who go to movie theaters has declined by a significant margin. That is why people want to bring the feeling of a movie theater at home. 

A home theater gives room for entertainment for your family and friends. It is also one of the best ways to explore what technology offers because you can take your gaming to a whole new level. A home theater adds value to your home and brings comfort and convenience right at the center of your home.

Furnishings and Lighting to Spruce Up Your Home Theater


If you need to create a movie theater atmosphere, you have to incorporate soft light into the room. You don’t want to be distracted when playing your favorite game or watching a movie. That is why ambient light is the most recommended type of light in a home theater. The light should be low voltage and closer to the walls other than to the screen.

While some people love wall lighting, others prefer recessed lighting or fiber optic lighting on the floor. Here the choice is yours, considering what works for you. It will be more fun if you install dimming lights which you can operate using a remote. For a glamorous home theater, you can install a wall light fixture to make it stand out. Sconces and light ropes near the baseboards work magic. If you love watching the sky and the stars at night, you can get a fiber optic star ceiling in your home theater.

•Invest in good connectivity

With the innovations in technology, connectivity keeps getting better. Today, we have the 5G connectivity, and that means that people can have better streaming. It is frustrating when you are in the middle of a movie and it keeps buffering. There are also new technologies to watch out for to ensure that you enjoy the latest movies and video games.

•Get home theater furniture

If you don’t have much space, lounge seats will be ideal for your home theater. Recliners will give you comfort and pleasure as you are entertained. Straight seats are, however, recommended if you don’t have much space for the recliners.

If space is not a problem for you, why not go for the open furniture. Apart from the fact that you can lie down if you want to, you can also accommodate more family and friends with open seats. If you are planning on hosting many people, you could bring in pillows used as floor seats.

•Dark drapes

If you are wondering why you need dark drapes in your hom theatre and here is why.

Bright curtains with a light fabric will allow some natural light into the room. Remember, our main plan is to make the theater completely dark to only concentrate on what’s on the screen.

•Install speakers all round

If you want to get the immense feeling from the movie, then ensure that you have good quality audio. The best thing you can do is to ensure that sound gets to you from all angles. As technology continues to evolve, there are better quality speakers globally, with the latest being the soundbars. Imagine having a huge screen with tower speakers and soundbars in the room. Isn’t that an elegant movie theater? If you are using speakers, ensure that you have a good amplifier to ensure good quality audio. Just make sure you use a company like that only deals with high end audio equipment!

•Invest in organizers

The first thing you should think of when organizing your home theater is the cables. How are you going to keep them from lying all over the place? It will help if you purchase a cable management box. 

If you have pillows and blankets, stashing them in a big basket at one corner will help your home theater stay organized. Having a snack bar or a drink bar will help utensils and snacks organized. People enjoy snacking on popcorn as they watch a movie. If you don’t want the snacks, water bottles, and Coke glasses all over, then a snack bar will be a great idea.

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