Next Generation Technology Bridges the Gap Between Customers and Employees

Demands of a fast-paced technological environment increase rapidly, hence, enterprises must ensure the adoption of workplace applications in the most efficient way. The major focus of a company’s infrastructure is its communication style and system which is ought to support employees in their day-to-day activities smoothly and ensure that they assist customers on the high level.

The foundation of a successful and exceptional business is proper and timely communication with customers. To make it less cumbersome yet lively and handy, businesses choose to adopt unified communication solutions that provide customer information in a unified form. Unified communications in close relation with contact centers allow employees to access a variety of interaction channels and provide the best experience for the customers.

Aim is to connect people, networks, clouds and various applications with the next-generation technology and perform exceptionally well in order to provide unified communications solutions in the UK, since their motto is to improve connectivity and boost communication. 

What is unified communications?

UC or unified communications are software and equipment services which provide and combine multiple enterprise communications channels, for example, voice, video, personal team messaging and even content sharing. On top of that it may also include management, control and integration of these channels. In reality, UC products and services are integrated with IT business applications, network systems and even consumer devices. 

Unified communications are also known as UCaaS, which stands for unified communications as a service, is a cloud-based solution for all business’s communication needs and requirements into one solution and is always hosted by a signal in the vendor. 

Broadly speaking, UCaaS provides a plethora of benefits by maintaining the software, host hardware and providing their skilled staff to take care of all the trouble. With years communication technologies become more complex, therefore, UCaaS offers modern and comprehensive ways in order to be efficiently integrated with other business services. 

Advantages of UCaaS are as follows:

  • Enhanced efficiency through different communication channels such as chat, email, VoIP. 
  • Productivity at work.UCaaS manages to decrease the number of potential obstacles that can potentially slow doan business. These modernized technologies allow employees faster and specifically according to customer’s needs. 
  • Advanced analytics. Advanced analytics is a modern feature which helps organizations collect, sort out and analyze customer’s behavior. With that insight employees will detect the customers who have high chances of completing a purchase and potentially can be offered some additional incentives. 

What is a contact center?

In order to be the best on the market, businesses must adopt channels which their customers actively use, so that the former is able to deliver excellent experience. As a result, departments in customer service have evolved and developed beyond the traditional understanding of a call center. In modern days, contact centers are in demand as they make it easier for the companies to be more available and accessible for customers. 

A contact center consists of customer experienced specialists whose job is to cover a wide range of digital service channels. These skilled professionals provide exceptional service through inbound and outbound calls, emails, live chats, social media sometimes even through screen sharing and video conferencing. 

The main goal of contact centers is to facilitate conversations with customers in any possible manner which they opt for and prefer. This manner of communication makes resolutions of issues faster and more effective and more convenient. 

Breakthrough of 5G private network

The wireless future is already here, where private 5G networks are slowly but surely gaining traction worldwide as more and more enterprises are eager to establish their own 5G private network. Secure private 5G networks for businesses who desire to enhance their internal and external communication. Since 5G private networks meet the needs of business, the focus is to deploy a rapid and easy-to-manage network in order to deliver reliable coverage for voice or data communications. Therefore, the scope of use  of 5G private networks grows everyday:

  1. Manufacturing facilities use private networks to connect their information technology for their equipment for deploying automated guided vehicles, remote machines and robotic controls.
  2. Chemical facilities and warehouses have equipment that requires to be monitored carefully since it can be used particularly by the company itself or potential tenants, or customers. 
  3. Airports and other possible large venues require a strong coverage for outdoor and indoor facility support.
  4. Campuses of hospitals, universities, military bases and others accommodate many people and IoT devices that need reliable and secure connectivity from a 5G private network. In addition to that, distance or remote learning has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years, therefore, such rapid and technological changes need spotless connection. Discover a variety of mobile signal boosters that give a stable signal and eliminate dead zones on the property of the university campus. 

In-building mobile signal solutions

In-building mobile signal solutions are a unique block of indoor mobile coverage solutions which can drastically improve the strength of a network signal and ensure stability and home or office building.

With various building structures one may face different and unique requirements, designs and, moreover, multiple solutions to the problem. In general, many buildings do not allow any mobile signal indoors which negatively influences productivity of work and operations. If you experience any kind of a problem, scalable and legal mobile in-building coverage within days or weeks. In-Building mobile coverage features:

  • Cellular coverage boost
  • Multi-band, multi-operator, multi-technology systems
  • Network safe solutions
  • Data driven decisions and predictive maintenance
  • High capacity data network
  • Increased employee productivity

For further questions and inquiries: 

  1. The best system for your environment by using floor plans;
  2. Install and ensure that the system is providing the required coverage;
  3. Carry out regular service reviews to ensure the system continues to deliver against the business requirements;
  4. Provide detailed surveys to establish the exact solution required and placement of devices in the building;
  5. Provide ongoing management and support via the cloud helpdesk.

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