Onyx’s new Boox Palma is the smallest e-reader on the market

The BOOX Palma is a phone-sized immersive gadget designed to let you get away from distractions and focus on how to live and think better, the manufacturer told MarkMeets.

E-reader brand Onyx is back with an unusual mobile device – an e-reader the size of an average smartphone.

It’s called the Boox Palma and has a screen measuring just 6.13 inches (about 156 mm) across, making it a bit bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S23. Onyx has dabbled with compact tablets before, like the Boox Poke5. However, the company chose a lengthier screen this time over a stout one. The display sports an E-Ink Carta 1200 display, a popular choice found on other e-readers. And for good reason as the Carta 1200 allows for crisp, high-definition visuals. This can be seen in the display’s resolution of 824 x 1648 pixels. To ensure optimal performance, Onyx is also throwing in its proprietary Boox Super Refresh Technology for smooth scrolling. 

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