10 Celebs Who Made Cameo Appearances In ‘Boy Meets World’

Since its debut in 1993, Boy Meets World and its endearing cast of characters have touched the lives of generations, with Cory Matthews, Topanga Lawrence, and Shawn Hunter still adored in syndication and on Disney+.

The popular sitcom is also remembered for the large number of guest stars who appeared during its seven seasons.

The show featured a slew of notable guest appearances and cameos, ranging from fellow TGIF stars to legendary actors to the brother of a Boy Meets World cast member.

Pat Morita As The Wise Man

Pat Morita took the 80s by storm as the memorable sensei Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid trilogy who took Daniel LaRusso under his wing with his unique dojo stylings and words of wisdom.

Daniel wasn’t the only young boy he offered some wisdom to. In a Season 3 episode of Boy Meets World, Morita played the character referred to as The Wise Man, who waited tables by day and offered Cory some Miyagi-like insight by night.

Phyllis Diller As Madame Ouspenskaya

Phyllis Diller appeared on several sitcoms throughout her career and played an unforgettable — and eccentric — character on a wild episode of Boy Meets World.

Diller played Madame Ouspenskaya, a former fortune-teller with plans of becoming a werewolf who convinces Cory that he would fall victim to a curse involving a pentagram on his palm and killing the one he loved.

Fred Savage As Stuart

While Ben Savage grew up on Boy Meets World as Cory Matthews, his real-life brother Fred Savage was growing up on another sitcom, The Wonder Years, where he played Kevin Arnold.

Fred Savage guest-starred on a Season 6 episode of his brother’s show as a professor named Stuart, who is loved by his class until he makes a move on Cory’s wife Topanga and gets in a fight with Cory over the encounter.

Melissa Joan Hart As Sabrina

Melissa Joan Hart was best known in the 90s for her magical role of Sabrina on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. And in Season 5 of Boy Meets World, she reprised her iconic character in an episode all about witches.

Titled “The Witches of Pennbrook,” the episode centers around Jack’s girlfriend who turns out to be a witch, and Hart makes a cameo at the end of the episode as Eric’s date who assures him there’s nothing spooky about dating a witch.

The Monkees As Themselves

Plenty of bands have guest-starred on TV shows over the years, and in Season 3 of Boy Meets World, The Monkees made a surprise reunion on the show.

The Monkees’ keyboardist and bass guitarist Peter Tork was the original portrayer of Topanga’s father Jedidiah Lawrence in the early seasons, and reunited with Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz in an episode where they performed “My Girl” and “Not Fade Away.”

Candace Cameron Bure As Millie

With only a few seasons left playing DJ Tanner on Full House, Candance Cameron Bure went from San Francisco to Philadelphia when she guest-starred on a Halloween-themed episode of Boy Meets World.

Bure played Millie, Jack’s new girlfriend who turned out to be a witch named Ushkar and revealed she is the Daughter of Evil with plans of sacrificing both Jack and Shawn until they’re saved by Eric.

Jonathan Jackson As Ricky Ferris

While he was best known at the time for playing Lucky Spencer, the son of General Hospital’s legendary supercouple Luke and Laura, actor Jonathan Jackson made a memorable guest appearance on Boy Meets World in the 90s.

Jackson played Ricky Ferris, who wins Topanga over at an art museum and takes her on a romantic date that, to his dismay, only reaffirms her love for Cory in the end.

Jennifer Love Hewitt As Jennifer Love Fefferman

One of the most memorable Boy Meets World episodes titled “And Then There Was Shawn” not only had an epic storyline, but it also had an epic guest star.

Comically appearing as a character named Jennifer Love Fefferman was Jennifer Love Hewitt of horror film fame. The character appeared in this murderous episode and becomes a victim of the mysterious killer.

Adam Scott As Griff Hawkins

Adam Scott rose to fame as Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation, but long before his time on the mockumentary, the actor appeared in three episodes of a different comedy.

Scott played Griff Hawkins on Boy Meets World, the leader of the school bullies who replaces Harley Kleiner and reluctantly takes on Joey and Frankie as his enforcers while surprisingly remaining on good terms with Cory and Eric, unlike his predecessor.

Rue McClanahan As Bernice Matthews

From Doris Roberts on Full House to Shirley Jones on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, TGIF sitcoms were known for featuring special guest stars as the characters’ grandparents. And on Boy Meets World, the honor of Cory and Eric’s paternal grandmother went to Rue McClanahan.

The Golden Girls actress appeared in one episode of the first season as Bernice Matthews, the wild and fun grandmother who ends up disappointing Cory when she misses their baseball outing, much like she always did with her son.

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