Big Brother live twist revealed tonight

The Big Brother 2014 housemates face another live surprise twist this evening.

This series has already seen a number of big events and we’re not even a week in yet!

Big Brother live twist revealed tonight | News |
Emma Willis hosted last Thursday’s launch night, us viewers voted Pauline Bennett to become the series’ first power housemate.

On her first night, she rewarded Mark Byron with £5,000 while Matthew Davies spent the evening suspended above the garden in a glass box a punishment.

On Friday, Pauline’s Power Trip continued as she game Helen Wood a pass to the final and Big Brother told her she would have a KILLER nomination to make at the weekend.

Yesterday, housemates nominated for the first time, although Pauline (as the Power housemate) and Helen were both immune.

But Pauline had to only nominate one person and that housemate would be put up for eviction EVERY week they remain in the house.

As it stands, the results of those nominations have not been revealed and so it’s not a huge jump to conclude that tonight’s live twist will have something to do with them.

What do you think BB has planned?

Big Brother’s live show will air at 10PM on Channel 5, straight after the latest house highlights which begin at 9PM tonight.

The first eviction, hosted by Emma Willis, will take place on Friday night.

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