Doctor Who Season 14 leave fans waiting til November 2023

Doctor Who Season 14 premiere date revealed by Russell T Davies

Doctor Who is one of the UK’s most beloved TV shows. It has been running for almost 60 years, and has seen 13 actors take on the iconic role of The Doctor; the first being William Hartnell, and the current Doctor portrayed by Jodie Whittaker.

Season 13 of Doctor Who, which was called Flux, aired its final episode on December 5th, 2021, with mixed reviews from fans. Since the announcement of the first ever female Doctor, fans have been excited to see what the show has in store, but after the end of Flux, many fans are somewhat disappointed.

Chris Chibnall is the current showrunner, although, much to the joy of many fans, is stepping down to allow Russell T Davies to take over once again. Davies hasn’t been involved in the show since 2010, when David Tennant was ending his time as The Doctor.

Fans seem to miss Davis’ unique skills in terms of narrative, character development, and so much more, while it appears that Chibnall has let some fans down with the plot and writing of Jodie Whittaker’s run.

Doctor Who is a special series to so many, and one that relies heavily on its casting of The Doctor and its storylines. However, it seems that the 11th, 12th, and 13th seasons haven’t had the same feeling as those that came previously.

However, news has been circulating that Davies is returning as showrunner for the series, and now it is a hard fact. He wrote some of the most notable episodes of the series, such as The Christmas Invasion, which was Tennant’s first episode as The Doctor, The Sound of Drums, Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways, and more.

Some of these episodes are among the most hard-hitting and emotional of rebooted series’ history (from 2005 onwards), otherwise known as New Who.
Both Chibnall and Whittaker have announced that they are stepping down from Doctor Who, with Davies returning as showrunner from season 14; however, the question everyone wants the answer to is: Who will be the next Doctor?

Until that announcement comes, fans must make do with the most recent piece of news from Davies himself; the release date for the first episode of Season 14.

In an interview with The Guardian about Davis’ recent show, It’s a Sin, the showrunner let slip some significant information about the forthcoming season of Doctor Who. Davies is keeping his lips sealed about who will replace Whittaker, bit he did give a year when the show will return.

Davies states that the show will be back “in November 2023”, which is quite a while to wait. However, it does seem the perfect time as he also said that this will be “the 60th anniversary of the show”.
This release date would be the perfect time to bring the show back and, hopefully, with a much stronger backbone this time. Despite many loving Whittaker’s over-enthusiastic iteration of The Doctor, others are simply looking forward to what’s next.

With all of next year (2022) and the majority of 2023 to get ready for Season 14, it’s more than likely that fans won’t be hearing anything about the season for some time. However, some exciting news, again revealed by Davies, which states that auditions for who will portray the next iconic Time Lord are underway…


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