EastEnders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale TV schedule changes this week

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This week’s popular British soaps are set for a major schedule shake-up due to football coverage.

With Fulham playing Leeds United and Manchester United vs West Ham in the FA Cup live on air via the BEEB on BBC One and ITV1 on Tuesday 28th February and Wednesday 1st March respectively;  EastEnders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale will all be affected, with episodes shifted around in the listings throughout the week.

Tonight’s Coronation Street and Emmerdale will be unaffected, while two episodes of EastEnders will air back to back from 7:30pm till 8:30pm.

Meanwhile, Emmerdale will air at 7pm on Tuesday 28th, while EastEnders will be bumped from the schedule entirely and as usual for a Tuesday there will be no new episode of Coronation Street. None of them will be airing on Wednesday 1st March.

Friday 3rd’s schedule will then see the same format, with half an hour of EastEnders from 7:30pm and hour-long episodes of Emmerdale and Coronation Street airing at 7pm and 8pm respectively.

EastEnders was previously rescheduled due to the FA Cup last month, with the soap airing an unusual Friday episode to make way for the Fulham vs Sunderland match.


Coronation Street’s harrowing Amy storyline and 8 more soap spoilers for this week

Dark scenes air in Coronation Street this week as Aaron betrays Summer by kissing Amy, and their passionate clinch takes a sinister turn.

Summer is heartbroken to discover her boyfriend has been having late night chats with his ex, Mia, and turns to Amy for comfort. Tracy’s daughter is less than sympathetic, branding her needy and insecure, which makes Summer bite back with a jibe about Jacob.

Aaron finds Amy upset after the row and persuades her to join him for drinks in the Bistro to celebrate his promotion. There’s sexual tension in the air as the pair get ready to go out and it’s not long before they find themselves kissing.

Wracked with guilt, Amy pulls away, and as they arrive at the bar, she struggles watching Summer and Aaron together. Hurt, Amy heads home early, and Aaron’s not far behind as he decides to call it a night after sniping with Summer.

EastEnders recently saw a major twist, as the soap used a flash-forward to tease a mystery death during 2023’s Christmas season, as part of the show’s 38th anniversary celebrations.

Paddy’s loved ones have been beside themselves with worry since his sudden disappearance, but the mystery of his whereabouts is solved this week when the dishevelled vet walks back into the village.

Although annoyed with him for going AWOL, Marlon is relieved to have his best mate home. Chas’s initial hostility towards Paddy also softens as he shares an emotional reunion with Eve and she clocks the hurt and sadness in his eyes.

However, despite putting on a brave face, Paddy’s happy façade soon crumbles and it’s clear he’s a broken man. He goes about his day making amends with family and friends, but they don’t realise that he is saying his veiled goodbyes and writes a heartbreaking final letter to Bear.

Later, with Paddy having gone, Bear discovers the letter and realises to his horror what his son is planning. He alerts Marlon, who rallies the locals to start searching for Paddy.

The flash-forward also saw Sharon in a wedding dress, meaning that a wedding appears to be on the cards – but just who is she marrying?

Emmerdale spoilers: Gabby risks Kim Tate’s killer wrath as she plays footsie with husband Will

Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) needs to brush up on her flirtatious skills in Emmerdale as tonight, she accidentally played footsies with Will Taylor (Dean Andrew) – instead of Nicky (Lewis Cope).

This week, Gabby has remained determined to impress Nicky and do something about their ongoing chemistry.

While her behaviour has been questionable at some points (well, all of them), Gabby has succeeded in her plan, with Nicky agreeing they could see each other – if they keep things on the down low so he doesn’t lose his job as the Home Farm nanny.

Tonight, as Kim (Claire King) returned home, she caught up with Will and Caleb (William Ash).

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