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The Stranger stars Joel Edgerton and Sean Harris and an impressive supporting cast

The crime thriller is loosely based on real events, telling the story of an unlikely friendship that forms between an undercover cop and a murder suspect as the former looks to gain the latter’s trust.

The Stranger pivots on the relationship between Henry, the suspect, and Edgerton’s Mark, the undercover cop tasked with bringing the alleged pedophile/murderer into the fold of an entirely fictional band of crims, gradually building trust so as to be able, one day, to extract a confession.

“You have to weigh the balance of the closeness you can form with him against your own vulnerability,” Mark’s boss (Matthew Sunderland) cautions him – but behind the all-black speed-dealers that the in-character Mark sports is a thousand-yard stare that suggests he’s waded in too deep already

Read on for everything you need to know about the cast, including who they’re playing and where you might have seen them before.

Joel Edgerton and Sean Harris lead the cast, with Steve Mouzakis, Gary Waddell, Fletcher Humphrys, Matthew Sunderland, Ewen Leslie, Alan Dukes, Jada Alberts, and Cormac Wright also lining up.

Joel Edgerton plays Mar

Who is Mark? An undercover cop who forms an intense, intimate relationship with a murder suspect in an attempt to earn his trust and get a confession.What else has Joel Edgerton been in? Edgerton first found major success playing young Owen Lars in the Star Wars prequels, a role he recently reprised in Disney Plus series Obi-Wan Kenobi. Other film credits include King Arthur, Zero Dark Thirty, The Great Gatsby, Black Mass, Midnight Special, Loving, Red Sparrow, The King, Thirteen Lives, and Boy Erased – the latter of which he also wrote and directed. On the small screen, he had a key role in Barry Jenkins’s limited series The Underground Railroad.

Sean Harris plays Henry Teague

Who is Henry? A murder suspect and drifter who is befriended by Mark.

What else has Sean Harris been in? Harris has appeared in a wealth of films including 24 Hour Party People, Prometheus, The King, The Green Knight, Spencer, and the Mission Impossible films Rogue Nation and Fallout. TV credits include The Borgias and Southcliffe.

Steve Mouzakis plays Paul

Who is Paul? The stranger who meets Henry on a train and first introduces him to Mark.

What else has Steve Mouzakis been in? Mouzakis’s film credits include Where the Wild Things Are, I Frankenstein, and Sugar Mountain, while he also appeared in eight episodes of Prison Break as the character Van Gogh.

Jada Alberts plays Detective Rylett

Who is Detective Rylett? The officer overseeing the murder investigation for which Henry is a key suspect.

What else has Jada Alberts been in? Alberts has appeared in a number of Australian TV shows including Cleverman, Wake in Fright and Mystery Road.

Alan Dukes plays John

Who is John? Henry’s mysterious new boss who sends him out to accomplish various tasks.

What else has Alan Dukes been in? Dukes has had recurring roles in TV shows such as Significant Others, Operation Buffalo, The Secrets She Keeps, and Doctor Doctor.


The Stranger is currently streaming on Netflix.

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