Sheridan Smith talks about upcoming TV drama ‘No Return’

‘No Return’ reveals first look and air date for Sheridan Smith drama

The scene is set for a suspenseful scenario in which a teenage boy is arrested for a heinous act.
Starring 40 year-old English actress, singer and presenter Sheridan Smith, the programme makers have affirmed that the No Return delivery date is Monday seventh February, so watchers will not need to stand by long to perceive how the activity unfurls after Noah’s (Louis Ashbourne Serkis) capture.

ITV has released a first look at the upcoming drama No Return, which stars Sheridan Smith as the mother of an adolescent accused of sexually assaulting a youngster while on a family vacation in Turkey.

The full series will likewise be accessible to watch on ITV Hub and BritBox after the primary episode debuts on ITV.

The new clasp takes us to the Powells’ lodging, similarly as Kathy (Smith) and her accomplice Martin (Michael Jibson) are woken by a thump on the entryway and the police storm in.

Before they can handle what’s happening, Noah has been captured and accompanied out of the lodging, with his folks uncertain what to do straightaway.

Ahead of the debut of the drama from Brassic’s Danny Brocklehurst, Smith explained how the tension from the plot leaked over into the filming experience.

Though Noah’s arrest and the case that ensues will take up much of the four-part series, writer Danny Brocklehurst previously teased the family will also face the “baggage” they carried well before they boarded the flight.

“There is a certain amount of baggage that each character goes on that holiday with, as anybody does,” Brocklehurst said.

He added: “There’s stuff going on in their life, there are cracks, there are tensions that are bothering them, but they’re going on holiday hoping that the sun will smooth it all away and they’ll have this lovely holiday, and it’ll all be fine and they’ll come back relaxed.

“But what happens with Noah’s arrest is that all those things become heightened and the cracks intensify and they’re suddenly in a hothouse environment where everything is put under this microscope.”
Talking about filming, the star said: “Towards the end I was mentally exhausted,” she acknowledged.

Kathy and Martin have tried everything to save their son and get him out of prison but you really don’t know what’s going to happen. A lot of the scenes were quite harrowing to play. Especially because Louis Ashbourne Serkis, who plays Noah, is just gorgeous. I adored him.

“You start to really live it, especially being away from home. It becomes very real. Imagining being stuck somewhere and you can’t get your child out of prison. That they are going to make an example of him. You could feel the frustration. I would be watching it thinking, ‘Don’t let that ever happen to my family.’

Luckily, we don’t have long to go before we find out just how deep those cracks go.

No Return premieres on ITV on Monday 7th February at 9pm


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