Strictly Come Dancing Betting for Beginners

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All You Need to Know About Strictly Come Dancing Betting in the UK

Are we all on the same page about dancing? It’s awesome. Here at MarkMeets, we’re all big fans of Strictly Come Dancing, one of the longest-running reality TV shows in the UK!

Did you know that you can even bet on it? 

We’re not betting experts. But Jimmy Daytona is! It’s a betting guru at BetZillion, a site that offers the latest odds, best markets, and amazing tips for Strictly Come Dancing betting sites in the UK. In this post, we’ll learn about what goes into this activity. 

Jimmy Daytona’s about the Legality of Betting in the UK

We’re well aware of the social taboo that surrounds gambling of all forms. Thankfully, we’ve seen a massive shift in the mindset of involved parties over the past 2 decades. A big part of the credit goes to the legal betting sites that accept players from the UK. 

You’d be glad to know that online gambling is completely legal in the country. It has been for a very long time. In fact, the UK is one of the global hubs of online gambling as the majority of operators are based in the associated countries. 

The Gambling Commission is the designated authority to regulate online and offline gambling in the country. 

According to our conversation with Jimmy, the bottom line is that you can bet on Strictly Come Dancing without worrying too much about the legal paradigm. Just find the perfect wagering site and get started! 

A Little Background Strictly Come Dancing 

All of our British readers know exactly what we’re talking about. Even if some don’t follow every season, they’ve heard the name. However, betting on an event is different from watching it on TV. You need a little more ammunition if you want to win some bets. 

Popularly known as Strictly in the UK, Strictly Come Dancing is perhaps the oldest reality TV show still going strong. As you may have guessed from the name, this is a dance competition. However, it’s not as mundane as dancers coming and winning the title. 

Rather, the dancers are evaluated in pairs. One is a renowned celebrity, while the other dancer comes from a completely normal background. It’s the thrill of seeing the dynamic between 2 people from 2 completely different worlds!

Strictly Come Dancing has been exported all over the world. You may know it as Dancing with the Stars, licensed by BBC. Plenty of spin-off shows have been based on the main performance over the past decade. 

As for the dance format, ballroom and Latin precedence when selecting the professionals. The celebrities practice with them before appearing on stage and performing in front of the judges. 

Jimmy Daytona to MarkMeets: What You Need to Know for Strictly Come Dancing Betting

As we already mentioned, following the show on TV and betting on it are completely different endeavors. So, you want to bet on the dance show. You’ll need to do some research on how the show works and what markets you can get for betting. You’ll also need to know how to choose the right betting sites for your needs. 

Let’s get to the queries one by one. 

Strictly Come Dancing Betting Markets

Betting markets are what you bet on. If we say “bet on Strictly”, it doesn’t mean anything. But when we say “bet on Jack P Shepherd”, it means you’re favouring him and his partner in the battle. 

And that’s exactly what a betting market is. The valid outcome you can place money on. Below are the common markets found across Strictly Come Betting sites. 

  1. Whom will be Eliminated: One dance pair is eliminated from the show every week. The scoring system combines points from the judges’ scores and public votes. So, being on the front line of either of these can’t guarantee a spot for a couple. And you can bet on who might be getting eliminated during the season! 
  2. Who will Participate: The list of celebrity dancers isn’t declared until before a season starts. So, every year, the fans undergo intense speculation regarding which celebrities might be participating. The best Strictly betting sites utilize this opportunity and offer odds for the most likely ones. 
  3. Season Winner: It’s a no-brainer that every reality show builds up for the season’s winner. Strictly Come Dancing in the UK is no different. Most bookmakers project odds for all the participants even before the show starts. The odds change with time as the show progresses. 

Strictly Betting Odds

Odds are one of the fundamental concepts of sports betting. Your winnings from a wager are determined based on the odds for the market. At the same time, odds give you an idea of which couple is most likely to win. 

In the UK, all betting sites use fractional odds, also known as the English odds format. It’s nothing but a ratio between the potential profit and your stake. 

So, 6/1 odds mean you can secure a £6 profit for a £1 bet. In total, you’ll receive £7 once the bet settles. You can use this formula and scale your wager however you want. 

Jimmy Teaches How to Choose the Best Betting Sites for Strictly

As we have a betting expert, it only makes sense that we extract as much information as possible. So, Jimmy Daytona from BetZillion is going to teach us how to choose a betting site for the safest and most enjoyable experience.

  • Operator License: Every single betting site in the UK must be licensed. All unlicensed operators are illegal. You should never commit real money to a betting site that can’t prove a license for your safety. It’s simply because no regulators can ensure that the odds you’re getting are fair and you’ll actually get your money back. 
  • Compare Odds: One area many new punters go wrong is the odds selection. They find one betting site that offers bets on Strictly and deposits real money. But you should always look for better odds at other betting sites before fixating on one. The goal is to secure the biggest profit for the same stake margin. 
  • Payment Methods: As you’re dealing with real money, you’ll need a way to deposit and withdraw. For the iGaming industry in the UK, you can only use online payment methods. That’s why Jimmy recommends checking the available methods before signing up. If you sign up and find out that you don’t have a payment method to use, you have successfully wasted some valuable time.
  • Markets: If you could only bet on the show winner, the experience would soon become boring. The only way to light up the mood is to access diverse markets. Look at the betting sites BetZillion recommends for the best markets. 
  • Promotions: Last but not least, look for user-friendly promotions. Also known as bonuses, these are exclusive rewards you can get from a betting operator in the UK. You may get free cash or free bets for Strictly Come Dancing markets. 

Wrapping Up

This post aims to educate you on Strictly Come Dancing and how you can bet on it. As part of the process, we invited Jimmy Daytona from BetZillion, who has blessed us with industry insights for you. 

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