Turn Your Netflix Routine into a Workout Routine

We all understand that exercise is important for us, but sometimes it’s simple to schedule it into our lives. Finding inspiration isn’t always easy, especially once Netflix adds a new season of Stranger Things. The climate is terrible, and you do not even want to endure the inconvenience of transitioning into exercise clothes.

But what if working was as enjoyable—and as simple to incorporate into your routine—as pressing the Netflix “start next episode” button?

From How to Get Away with Murder to Veronica Mars, there is a workout list with unique exercises connected to each one’s important plot events and activities. Are you experiencing any problems when streaming Netflix? This might be because you use free VPNs that work with Netflix.

Using a free VPN is not a good option because they are usually not capable of unblocking the geo-restrictions and also leak your personal data.

In this article, we will elaborate on the scenes in which you might continue your exercise.

  1. Commercial breaks and advertisements

If you stream your entertainment content on a streaming platform apart from Netflix, you will almost certainly see advertisements. 

Rather than attempting to prevent them, utilize advertisements to improve your fitness with some pushups. You can do them now because you are not required to pay attention to the television!

Place your fingertips on the floor directly in front of you, somewhat wider than shoulder level. Your toes should be in a relaxed position. 

Consider your body to be a straight line, and keep your head pointing slightly ahead—not fully down. Lower yourselves until the elbows form a 90 ° angle, then push yourself right back, maintaining your body straight and your core engaged.

  1. When your least favorite character is on the screen

Everyone has that unpleasant character that continually attempts to break up our favorite pair, delivers stupid jokes, or impacts negatively on the entire town. 

Whenever your favorite TV villain appears, it may be a weird moment. Just use tension to your advantage and focus it on your core for a classic or side-plank technique.

Begin in the same position as you would for a push-up. This moment, though, place your elbows on the ground to form a sturdy base. Extend your legs, elevate your body in a single direction, and maintain the plank stance.

  1. When someone is gets into the Car

If you must substitute “Batmobile,” or “Spaceship” do so. Get moving while your television friends explore the world using some mode of transportation. It’s the moment to do some burpees!

Start with a squat by standing with your thighs shoulder-width apart. Instead of rising from a knee, place your feet on the ground ahead of you and slip back into a high plank. Push forward from the plank posture so that your feet are once again under your hands. Finally, stand tall and lift your hands above your head. Repeat.

  1. The title sequence

These are simple to avoid, particularly if you’ve encountered them numerous times previously. Instead of hitting “skip,” start your exercise by jogging in place during the opening titles. 

If the thirty-second introduction isn’t long enough, keep jogging till the opening scenes appear at the bottom end of the screen.

  1. When someone messages or calls someone

Whether you’re watching a film set in a time before telephones, ignore or insert your favorite rule instead. For those observing shows with current technology, just use the displayed phone usage as a hint to dive in.

Begin by balancing your fingers on your hips, then place one leg ahead of the other. Extend both legs until they are 90 degrees apart. Once you’ve been dropped, push yourself back to the starting position. (Weights are not required.)

  1. Characters eat, sleep or drink

Our favorite characters, such as us, eat, remain hydrated, and enjoy a decent night’s sleep. Focus on the plie squats whenever you see a person eating, drinking, or being tucked in. The pile squat is a pliè squat modification that will build your thighs and knees.

Place your feet shoulder-width apart, pointing away from your own body. Maintain a straight back and raise and lower your body while maintaining your legs straight.

  1. When two characters have a serious discussion

A serious discussion is taking place on your TV screen. That signifies that it’s time to pay close attention to different muscle groups!

Lie on your back flat on the ground. Place your hands beneath your neck and your lower leg in front of your chest. Switch from touching your left elbow to your right elbow to touching your right forearm to your left knee. 

Extend the leg that is not contacting an elbow in front of you.


Forget about fitness competitions. While binge-watching the current Netflix series, squeeze in an exercise. Consider it a power hour. Pay close attention to your wellness while watching a Netflix episode or movie.

A good diet is key, and if you’re able to combine your passion for true-crime films with muscular training and core stability, I believe you’ve discovered a winning combination of enthusiasm and sweat!

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