The Big Reunion 2014 – Line up revealed

Girl Thing, 3T, A1, Damage and Eternal will all appear on the show, along with a newly formed group – 5th Story – featuring various pop stars from the 1990s and early 2000s.

The Big Reunion 2014 – Line up revealed

The groups will reform to perform in The Big Reunion tour, with the programme following the bands as they recount shocking tales of pop stardom.

MarkMeets predicted earlier this year that A1, Damage and Eternal would be part of the big reunion 2014 series and we even gave Another Level (Dane Bowers) a mention!

Eternal, who formed in 1992 were the first girl band to sell over one million albums in the UK, while Damage had 11 hit singles including ‘Wonderful Tonight‘ and ‘Forever‘. Spice Girls wannabes Girl Thing who will also appear on the show have been described by Simon Cowell as his “biggest mistake”. Jackson brothers 3T and Norwegian band A1 complete the line up.

Issues with Eternal have meant that only Easther Bennett, Vernette Bennett and Kelle Bryan will take part in the show, as Louise Redknapp turned down the opportunity to appear.

There was disappointment earlier this month when Rachel Stevens ruled out an S Club 7 appearance on the show, saying ““I’ve got baby number two on the way now, so I can’t imagine we’ll be doing Reach for the Stars any time soon.”

Get ready as they face their demons and prepare to perform once again in the ultimate tour.

Featuring explosive accounts from your former pop heroes and shocking revelations, our new set of reunions will be far from easy.

The Big Reunion is set to air on ITV2 in 2014.

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