The latest news from the Big Brother house

Marlon Wallen has said sorry to his fellow Big Brother 2014 housemates over the nominations twist.

In last night’s latest highlights show, Marlon saved himself from eviction but did so at a cost: The house failed the shopping task.

The latest news from the Big Brother house | MarkMeets TV News |
It caused big rows with his closest pals Winston and Ash being amongst the most upset.

Yesterday (Wednesday), Marlon gathered everyone to give them a bit of a speech and an aplogy.

He said: “A word to everyone… umm.. this about yesterday and my decision I made yesterday.

“Trying to explain it… well, I can’t explain it but I am going to apologise, it’s totally out of my character.”

Marlon continued: “I don’t know came over me and I don’t want no sympathy, I’ve accepted the fact that what I’ve done has jeopardized the whole house. It was very selfish and I am actually sorry, I don’t want people to feel like I’ll be awkward around them.”

He concluded: “I’m jut letting everyone know how I feel, if you don’t want to come up and speak to me, I’m not not going to hold it against anyone.

“At the end of the day we’ve got to live with each other.”

Marlon then went away from the rest of the housemates to do what he does best: nap.

The others meanwhile seemed impressed, with comments and remarks about Marlon’s courage, bravery and guts to step up and say sorry.

Meanwhile Helen Wood has hit out at Big Brother over making her wear a “degrading” dress. Because apparently nothing she’s done the the house so far has shameful at all.

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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