Things To Be Excited About for ‘House of the Dragon’

The land of Westeros is back! This time with more Targaryen’s around which of course means more dragons. Set two hundred years before the events of Game of Thrones, House of the Dragonfollows the beginning of the end to Targaryen rule in the land of the Seven Kingdoms.

Tensions are high when familial rivalry comes to a head as separate factions once again vy for the coveted Iron Throne. Leading to one of the most devastating civil wars in Westeros’ history, The Dance of Dragons. The series is set to release tomorrow on HBO and HBO Max.

A New Iron Throne

This metal seat of Kings and Queens, forged from a thousand swords, has been the symbolic root cause for all civil strives in Westeros since its creation. Who will sit on the Iron Throne was the sole question on everyone’s minds for the entire Game of Thrones series. For whoever sits upon the throne rules the Seven Kingdoms.

The Iron Throne has gotten an upgrade in the new series. Now looking closer to how it appears in the books with far more swords around it and a case of steps to climb in order to sit on it. Although practically impossible to faithfully replicate the book’s version of the throne as it stands a whopping forty feet high, House of the Dragon is a far more accurate representation than its predecessor.

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The Dance of Dragons

The bloody history of Westeros is filled with civil wars between factions vying for the Iron Throne but none have been as impactful as the ‘Dance of Dragons’. This war of succession sees two Targaryen factions fighting amongst each other with both sides each having dragons.

House of the Dragon will follow the events of this devastating civil war that split the Targaryen family in two. Filled with plenty of political intrigues, betrayals, love affairs and bloody battles the Dance of Dragons will be very exciting to finally see on screen.

Doom of Valyria

The Targaryen’s weren’t always the rulers of Westeros. In fact four hundred years before the events of the War of the Five Kings the people of Westeros had never even seen or heard of a dragon before. So what brought these dragon-riding conquerors the land of the Seven Kingdoms? The Doom of Valyria.

Shrouded in mystery in both the series and the books this fateful event is the catalyst to the Targaryen’s flying west and setting up their dynasty in Westeros. ‘The Doom’ was an unspecified cataclysmic event that caused the collapse of Valyria and killed off all the dragon rider families, save one: the Targaryen’s. Though House of the Dragon is set several centuries after these events the Doom still lurks in the minds of every Targaryen, and it would be exciting to learn more of what happened that caused the Targaryen’s to flee west.

How The Seven Kingdoms Were Formed

Only ever told through stories in Game of Thrones, how the Seven Kingdoms were formed are some of the most interesting parts of Westeros’ history. On the backs of dragons, the powerful Targaryen’s crossed over the Narrow Sea and conquered the lands making all bow before them.

With House of the Dragon set around a hundred years after the conquering, it is likely we will be hearing and possibly seeing much more of this event take place as it is a crucial part of Targaryen history.More Targaryen’s

It’s no secret House of the Dragon follows the reign of the platinum hair dragon riders, the Targaryen’s. Set two hundred years before Daenerys Targaryen ever became the ‘Mother of Dragons’, the show follows Dany’s ancestors when they were the Kings and Queens of Westeros.

Ruling the seven kingdoms with the help of their mighty dragons, the Targaryen’s reshaped the land of Westeros into the Seven Kingdoms. Having only witnessed three (and a half) Targaryen’s onscreen before, it’ll be exciting to see what these dragon riders were like when they were many and reigned supreme.


Yes, more dragons! One of the more exciting aspects of Game of Thrones were Daenerys’ three dragons, who were the last of their kind. With the show set two hundred’s years prior, dragons number in the dozens and rule the skies, bringing both awe and fear to the citizens of Westeros.

The Targaryen’s are known for their dragons, having special bonds with the flying beasts and being the reason they could conquer Westeros in the first place. With multiple dragons flying around there’s no doubt there will be plenty of fiery dragon action to come.

The Split of House Targaryen

House of the Dragon is set during the waning days of a unified Targaryen rule. King Viserys I Targaryen (Paddy Considine) has failed to produce a male heir during his reign and thus has set up his only child to rule when he’s gone, his daughter Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy).Though being a woman, others in court do not trust Rhaenyra to lead. Things get even more complicated when the king remarries. A match that finally bares him a male heir. Setting up for a clash between rival family members that could ultimately cause the fall of the great house Targaryen.

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