Tonight ‘The Voice’ TV spoilers

It’s week four of The Voice 2014 blind auditions and tonight is a bumper packed episode with the most acts we’ve seen so far.

Tonight there is everything from Opera to flute playing as a total of thirteen acts perform for the coaches but only half of them will reach the next stage.

Tonight's 'The Voice' TV spoilers and contestant profiles
First up tonight is a familiar face in the form of Jessica Steele who previously auditioned for the coaches last year but had no one turning around after nerves got the better of her.

Before singing Plan B’s She Said for the panel, Jessica admits: “Last year, I felt like I was ready but now I know I wasn’t. Today I’m going to go out there and fight for it, I didn’t think I fought for it last year.”

But fearing more disappointment, can Jessica put pull off the performance this time around?

Next we meet 56-year-old singing accountant Bunny who is worried about “disgracing himself” on the show, which we can’t help but feel is just a tad dramatic. The Malaysian-born’s audition triggers a “Whaaaaaaaaat” from Kylie following a performance of Elton John’s Rocket Man.

Crazy cat lady Sarah Eden-Winn and her boyfriend Bill are the next people we meet, although it’s just Sarah who’s singing. The performer from Weston-Super-Mare is branded “absolutely flawless” by Kylie after belting out Jennifer Hudson’s One Nightly Only.

Four weeks into the auditions and only tonight do see some duos auditioning for the panel.

And just like buses they come in threes with 18-year-old twins Tila & Tavelah the first to sing for the coaches. Performing Black Eyed Peas hit Just Can’t Get Enough we reckon there’s one judge in particular they want to press his buzzer…

Lauren and Kimberley are also twins and have formed duo Gemyni. The pair of Leona Lewis-look-a-likes impress with some high notes as they belt out Mariah Carey’s Fantasy, but will any of the coaches take on the challenge of mentoring the rather excitable pair?

The third duo to go before the judges is the “slightly bohemian” (their words) Vela. The 52-year-old and 59-year-old couple perform Homeward Bound by Simon and Garfunkel playing the flute and guitar.

A bit of a different act graces the stage next in the form of Milly J, a shoe artist and Opera singer, which is some job title. Milly’s performance of Sam Cooke’s Summertime is fabulous and flawless but there’s surprisingly little buzzer action.

One of the more experienced performers to audition, Charlie Wood is an American vocalist who jokes he moved to the UK “for the weather”. Singing the rather apt Ann Peebles track I Can’t Stand the Rain, Charlie’s a world way from performing in the bars and clubs of Memphis, but will the coaches like what they hear?

24-year-old Jai McConnell appears to be a rather stereotypical talent show contestant: Young, pretty, a good voice and a back story that involves a cute young child. “I’ve always dreamed of making a career in music,” she says before her audition.

Jai, from Belfast, certainly surprises the panel with her “different” cover of Never Forget You by Noisettes but you’ll have to wait until this evening to see whether any of the panel are won over.

Quickly becoming a Voice editor’s favourite, tonight sees the latest game of guess-which-act-gets-through. In one corner is 31-year-old John Quinn, singing Lightning Bolt by Jake Bugg, and in the other is 21-year-old Amy Winehouse fan Melissa, singing Love Is A Losing Game (by Amy Winehouse, obviously).

One of the pair gets no buzzers while the other gets three. One is told they “sang the hell out of it” and the other leaves Ricky Wilson a tad scared. Tune in this evening to find out the results!

28-year-old Leanne Jones is up to face (the backs of) the coaches next and she doesn’t seem too nervous, which is no surprise. Leanne reveals she’s an award winning West End performer having even picked up a Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical for her lead role in Hairspray.

Tonight’s performance from Leanne however is miles away from the bright frocks and upbeat dance routines of that sage show, as she keeps it simple in a glam black dress and a big track from Adele.

Closing the show tonight is Rachael O’Connor, a teenager from Norther Ireland who’s “let down” her family by wanting to sing rather than play rugby. Although we think (at least we hope) they’re joking.

The 16-year-old credits her granddad as an inspiration for singing before going on stage to perform Clown by Emeli Sande. Will is seen writing frantically in his notebook but is he impressed or just trying to pass the time?

The Voice UK auditions are on BBC at 7:10pm

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