Ben Affleck is a proud movie risk taker

Ben Affleck is proud of his ”back and forth career”.

The ‘Daredevil’ actor is glad to have had ups and downs during his 20 years in Hollywood – from being ridiculed for flop ‘Gigli’ to winning an Oscar for ‘Argo’ – because it shows he’s willing to take risks.

Ben Affleck is a proud movie risk taker | MarkMeets Movie role News |
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He told HP: ”The actors, the directors, the writers, producers that I admire are ones who continue to try brave new things. So I’ve tried to copy them in that way, take that kind of risk and definitely sometimes not successful and sometimes successful.

”When I see that when I look at this sort of back and forth of a career I take some satisfaction knowing OK, I’m probably doing something right because I’m taking risks and I’m trying different things and I’m not failing by virtue of just being boring when I fail.

”I’m failing because I’m trying something different. So risk is inherently valuable. Courage, the desire to take risk is really necessary.”

‘Runner Runner’ is about online gambling and although Ben takes risks, he’s aware of the dangers of getting caught up in the world of casinos and high stakes betting, which the film uses as a metaphor.

He added: ”When you’re gambling, like a lot of other things is something that is healthy in moderation and quite dangerous in excess.

” The interesting thing about internet gambling as a whole and in this movie is that it’s used as emblematic of what’s happening in the larger country [the US]. With the financial market sort of turning into something that’s an engine of gambling themselves rather than something of productivity and sort of an ultrafast connectivity with smart phones and investing, and this idea that we should be getting instant returns, every two seconds.”

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