What was TV series ‘Fun House’ all about?

“Fun House” was a popular British television show that aired from 1989 to 1999 and was hosted by the famous DJ and television presenter, Pat Sharp. The show was famous for its lively and energetic atmosphere, as well as its quirky and fun-filled games and prizes.

Do you remember the twins, Melanie and Martina, who were the show’s assistants / twin cheerleaders. They added a touch of humour and glamour to the proceedings, and were a hit with audiences of all ages. They would assist Pat in running the games, handing out prizes and helping the contestants with their tasks.

The games on “Fun House” were a highlight of the show and were designed to be fast-paced and fun. From physical challenges to mental puzzles, there was something for everyone. The games would test the contestants’ agility, strength, and intellect, and often involved the use of props such as balls, bouncy castles, and inflatable slides.

The prizes on “Fun House” were also a big draw, with contestants competing for everything from luxury holidays to state-of-the-art electronics. The show was famous for its generous prizes and the contestants would do their best to win them.

“Fun House” was filmed at the Maidstone Studios in Kent, England. The studio was equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment, and provided a spacious and colorful backdrop for the games and prizes. The set was designed to be bright and cheerful, with a lot of bold colors and playful elements to create a fun and lively atmosphere.

In conclusion, “Fun House” was a hugely popular show that was loved by audiences of all ages. From its charismatic host, Pat Sharp, to its lively twins, fun games and generous prizes, the show provided viewers with hours of entertainment and laughs. Despite having ended its run over 20 years ago, “Fun House” remains an iconic and beloved British television show that will always be remembered for its playful spirit and sense of fun.

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