Why Antiques Roadshow Is Such A Smash Hit In The US

American TV is very different from British shows, but the US loves many top British shows, including dramas, reality shows and others. 

Our American adaptations of UK hits often fail, but the British originals are often a big success because of their quirky characters and cute concepts.

Among perhaps the most well-known UK show in America is Antiques Roadshow. A reality show where members of the public bring in antiques to be valued, it has a simple premise but has captured the hearts of viewers around the world. 

But why is it so popular? We explore what Americans love about Antiques Roadshow and why we enjoy watching this simple show. 

Antiques Are Becoming More Popular Generally 

Owning antiques brings with it a prestige and fits into the vintage look well, which is why many homeowners are incorporating them into their homes. Platforms like Antiques Boutique offer a range of options and have seen increased sales over recent years as more and more people start using antiques as part of their home décor. So, as antiques become more popular, people are looking for ways to learn more about them and get inspiration. Antiques Roadshow is a great show for finding ideas, so it’s an ideal choice for home décor and vintage fans. 

The Experts Really Know Their Stuff

For anyone who wants to learn and immerse themselves in unique specialisms and hobbies, like stamp collecting and art history, then Antiques Roadshow is the perfect watch. The show features a main presenter, currently Fiona Bruce, and then a selection of experts come on to review the items. These experts range from professional auctioneers to cataloguers and professional collectors, and they all have impressive backgrounds in their fields. Additionally, they love nothing more than sharing their knowledge with viewers, and this passion is infectious and makes the audience enjoy the show as much as the participants. All of the show’s experts take the time to explain their valuations, so you can learn a lot from watching this fun and quirky show. There aren’t many reality TV shows that are educational, so this makes a welcome change! 

It’s Easy To Watch

In the era of the nitty-gritty television drama, where even comedies have dark episodes, and many reality shows turn dangerous at times, it can be nice to watch a show that’s completely positive. No hidden surprises, no gory twists: just good old-fashioned, feel-good TV. The beauty of Antiques Roadshow is there’s no blood and gore, nor swearing, rudeness or anger in general. Instead, people bring in their possessions, and experts check them for value and potentially give them some life-changing news. It’s a fun, wholesome show that’s enjoyed by audience members of all ages and tastes. 

Antiques Roadshow is a fun show that’s popular across America and in other countries worldwide. From re-runs to new episodes, fans like us love the relaxing theme music and the interesting facts we learn along the way. So, if you’re don’t already tune into the Antiques Roadshow, now’s the time to start. 

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