X Factor’s Tamera Foster insists she’s no diva

The X Factor’s Tamera Foster has hit back at reports branding her a diva backstage.

A story in a magazine last week suggested that the teenager was rubbing up staff the wrong way behind the scenes.

Tamera Foster
Tamera Foster

A supposed insider said: “She’s over the top demanding and causes conflict behind the scenes wherever she goes: With stylists, producers and other contestants.”

X Factor sources claimed the story was bogus, with one telling us the accusations were “totally wide off the mark”.

Speaking up for herself this week, Tamera insisted there was no truth to the stories.

“I treat people the way I like to be treated – and that’s well,” she told the official website at ITV.com “We are here in a working environment and I don’t want this experience to come crashing down around me.

“I just try to make it all as fun as possible.”

The 16-year-old continued: “I don’t feel like a star at all. I’m still learning so much.

“I’m not sure I will feel like one until I’m really up there, and I mean up there like Rihanna.

“I won’t feel like a star unless I reach that kind of status.”

And Tamera even revealed that she’s having to keep her parents in check about her current level of fame.

She explained: “Actually, my mum said just yesterday that she’s trying to get used to the fact her daughter is a celebrity and I thought, ‘no I’m not’. I don’t feel like one at all.”

The X Factor 2013 continues next Saturday night with a Great British songbook theme.

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