Jake Shears & Rebecca Lucy Taylor extend Cabaret to 9 March 2024

Jake Shears and Rebecca Lucy Taylor, known as Self Esteem, are set to continue their captivating performances in the West End revival of Cabaret until March 9, 2024. Originally slated to conclude on January 20, their run has been extended due to popular demand. The Kit Kat Club in London provides the stage for this hot-ticket revival, helmed by director Rebecca Frecknall. This article explores the details of the extended run, the key cast, and the impact of this acclaimed revival on the West End theater scene.

Extended Run and Popular Demand

Initially scheduled to conclude on January 20, the dynamic duo of Jake Shears and Rebecca Lucy Taylor, portraying The Emcee and Sally Bowles, decided to extend their run by a week, responding to the enthusiastic reception from audiences. Now, due to sustained demand, an additional six weeks of performances have been added, allowing theater enthusiasts more opportunities to experience the magic of Cabaret.

In celebration of this extension, BBC Radio 2 hosted a special broadcast titled ‘Jo Whiley presents Cabaret at BBC’s Maida Vale Studios.’ Jo Whiley, alongside Jake Shears, Rebecca Lucy Taylor, and the cast and orchestra of Cabaret, treated listeners to an hour-long special featuring some of their favorite musical numbers from the production.

The Starring Ensemble

Jake Shears and Rebecca Lucy Taylor lead the cast, bringing their charisma to the roles of The Emcee and Sally Bowles, respectively. They are joined by a talented ensemble, including Nathan Ives-Moiba as Clifford Bradshaw, Beverley Klein as Fraulein Schneider, and Teddy Kempner as Herr Schultz. Nic Myers steps into the role of Sally Bowles once a week, adding an element of variety to the performances.

The broader cast features Wilf Scolding as Ernst Ludwig, Jessica Kirton as Fraulein Kost/Fritzie, Liv Alexander as Texas, Natalie Chua as Frenchie, Taite-Elliot Drew as Hans, Damon Gould as Victor, El Haq Latief as Helga, and Travis Ross as Bobby. Laura Delany portrays Rosie, Grant Neal takes on the roles of Herman/Max, and Hicaro Nicolai plays Lulu. Completing the ensemble are Rebecca Lisewski, Ela Lisondra, Nic Myers, Andy Rees, Toby Turpin, and Patrick Wilden.

The prologue company, consisting of Rachel Benson, Ami Benton, Onyemachi Ejimofor, Joseph Hardy, Liz Kamille, Andrew Linnie, Aine McLoughlin, Jack William Parry, Jazmyn Raikes, Oliver Stockley, and Ena Yamaguchi, adds depth and diversity to the production.

The Impact on West End Theater

The extension of Cabaret‘s run until September 28, 2024, reflects not only the enduring popularity of the musical but also the resounding success of the current revival. The Kit Kat Club has become a theatrical hotspot, drawing audiences seeking a unique and immersive experience. The combination of stellar performances, evocative storytelling, and the timeless appeal of Cabaret has solidified its place as a must-see production in the West End.


As Jake Shears and Rebecca Lucy Taylor continue to dazzle audiences in Cabaret, the extended run signifies the production’s enduring impact and widespread acclaim. The collaboration of talented performers, an engaging narrative, and the vibrant atmosphere of the Kit Kat Club has elevated Cabaret to new heights in the West End. Whether you’re a seasoned theatergoer or a newcomer to the world of musicals, the allure of Cabaret‘s extended run invites you to immerse yourself in a captivating journey through the lens of the Kit Kat Club until March 9, 2024.

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