10 Ways That Selena Gomez Earns Her Money

Selena Gomez is a successful entrepreneur who began an acting career in 2002, and has since achieved success in many other business ventures besides acting. Gomez began working as a child actor on the television series Barney & Friends, then garnered popularity as a teenager starring as Alex Russo on Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place. Her filmography includes Another Cinderella Story, Ramona and Beezus, Spring Breakers, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, The Dead Don’t Die, and the Hotel Transylvania film franchise, among others. For her work, she has received widespread recognition and awards.

Beyond acting, Gomez has also achieved success from ventures in various industries, and as of 2022 has amassed an estimated net worth of $95 million. Gomez is a music artist, producer, spokesperson, mental health advocate, the owner of several brands, hosted a cooking show, released a kitchenware collection, and more. The list below includes details and fun facts about Gomez’s business ventures and professional career spanning decades in various industries, including current and upcoming projects. From music albums, to producing, and creating her own brands of beauty, clothing, and ice cream, here’s everything Selena Gomez is successful at besides acting.

10 Music Artist

In 2014, Gomez signed a record deal with Hollywood Records at the age of 16, and then through the record deal formed the pop rock band Selena Gomez & the Scene. The group released “Kiss & Tell” in August 2009, “A Year Without Rain” in July 2010, and “When the Sun Goes Down” in June 2011. Gomez also recorded three songs on the soundtracks for Wizards of Waverly Place television series and movie, including releasing multiple top singles. In March 2013, she announced the release of her solo debut album, “Stars Dance,” followed by “Revival” in October 2015, and “Rare” in 2020.

9 Producer

Gomez formed July Moon Productions in 2008, in partnership with XYZ Films, which provided her freedom to option articles, hire writers and create talent packages. With the company, Gomez released the films What Boys Want and Thirteen Reasons Why, a film adaptation of Jay Asher’s novel of the same name. She later served as the executive producer for a television adaptation of Thirteen Reasons Why, and the Hulu mystery-comedy series Only Murders in the Building. She also executive produced the horror thriller film Dollhouse, the biographical film In the Shadow of the Mountain, and the music documentary Won’t Be Silent.

8 Spokesperson, Endorsements, & Campaigns

Gomez was a spokesperson and partner for Neo by Adidas from 2013 to 2015, then signed an endorsement deal with Pantene, and appeared in a Louis Vuitton campaign in 2016. She later appeared in advertisements for Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign, with her song lyrics featured on Coca-Cola packaging nationwide. In 2017, Gomez released the “Selena Grace” line in collaboration with Coach, which included a limited-edition collection of handbags, and some featured “3 29 ‘98”. She also signed as brand ambassador for Puma, appearing in campaigns for the Phenom Lux sneakers, and released the SG x PUMA Strong Girl collection.

7 Clothing, Fragrance, & Nail Polish

Gomez worked with Tony Melillo and Sandra Campos to design the Dream Out Loud collection, which was released in 2010 and sold at Kmart until 2014. About the collection, Gomez said, “I want the pieces that can be easy to dress up or down, and the fabrics being eco-friendly and organic is super important… Also, the tags will all have some of my inspirational quotes on them. I’m just looking to send a good message.” In May 2012, she released her first fragrance called Eau De Parfum, followed by Vivamore in 2013, and nail polish colors for Nicole by OPI.

6 Swimwear Collection

The Selena Gomez x La’Mariette swim collection by Gomez, Theresa Mingus, and Morgan Brutocao launched in July 2021 and is available on la-mariette.com. Gomez said, “It was really fun for us to play around with creating swimsuits because Theresa, Morgan and I love being outside so much… After going through swatches, my favorite color was purple — I wanted to stay away from colors I’m used to, like red and white. Purple felt different for me, and we added pops of color like green and neons here and there. It really becomes your own suit however you wear it.”

5 GoPuff

Gomez is an investor in Gopuff, an “instant needs” company that delivers food, groceries, and more items that are owned by the company, allowing for low delivery costs and transit times. Gomez said, “The first time I heard about Gopuff was one night when I was hanging out with some friends at home. We needed something from the store, but no one wanted to hop in the car and drive, so someone suggested Gopuff. I was blown away by how quickly our order arrived. After that, I started hearing their name and seeing the Gopuff brand pop up all over.”

4 Serendipity

Gomez became an owner and investor of the brand Serendipity, “a wonderland of bold and beloved ice cream flavors in the heart of New York.” Ice cream pints feature menu-inspired flavors and are available nationwide. Gomez said, “Growing up and loving the iconic Serendipity restaurant, I couldn’t be more excited to become a partner in their expanding brand. For the Cookies & Cream remix, I wanted to put my own personal spin on this classic flavor by making it with pink vanilla ice cream as a nod to my girls BLACKPINK and celebrate our new song ‘Ice Cream.’”

3 Rare Beauty

Gomez launched her makeup line, Rare Beauty, in September 2020, and it was named Startup of the Year at the 2020 WWD Beauty Inc Awards. Gomez said, “My hope with Rare Beauty is that we have open conversations around beauty and mental health and can change the industry by breaking down unrealistic standards of beauty together … We created the Rare Impact Fund to help supply more people with more resources that support their mental health. 1% of all Rare Beauty sales is dedicated to the Rare Impact Fund.”

2 Wondermind

In November 2021, Gomez cofounded Wondermind, a mental health media platform and startup company founded by Gomez, her mom Mandy Teefey, and Daniella Pierson, which helps people strengthen mental fitness. The Wondermind philosophy is that mental wellness can be achieved by applying daily effort in the same way that physical fitness requires being regularly active. Wondermind’s main goal is to “democratize and destigmatize” mental health. Pierson said, “We are going after everyone with feelings—not just [people with] mental health disorders… a sexier, more entertaining competitor to Psychology Today, WebMD, etc. for the millions of people searching about mental health daily.”

1 Cooking Show & Cookware Line

Gomez hosted and executive produced the cooking show Selena + Chef on HBO Max , which features her cooking with a different chef during each episode, highlighting food-related charities. The show has raised $360,000 for 23 nonprofit organizations. Gomez said, “I thought it could be an interesting idea to do a cooking show and people could learn and improve their skills along with me… [philanthropy] was the most important aspect to me… I always make sure there is a charity aspect to the deal”. She also collaborated on a cookware line with Our Place in May 2022 which is available online.

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