How to Choose a Safe Bitcoin Casino

In fact, finding a good and safe casino to play at with cryptocurrency is quite easy. You just need to have basic research skills and discretion. It is good enough if you already play in any casinos online; Bitcoin casinos are no different from them. Except, of course, for having the function of depositing money into your account using cryptocurrency. 

Some online casinos that accept payment in the form of cryptocurrency are also based on blockchain technology, which we will talk about in more detail today. In any case, if you want to find a good enough Bitcoin casino, we will give you the necessary resources to make it happen. Read the article, and you will understand all the nuances of this type of casino.

What Is a Bitcoin Casino?

Bitcoin casinos are just casinos that run either on blockchain technology or on the traditional way of providing gambling. That said, the security of their casino is exceptional. For example, while a regular casino uses hashes to verify the gambling process, Bitcoin casinos use the blockchain. Blockchain is the most preferred technology for casinos since they use an advanced blockchain system to validate each result that comes out in each individual casino game.

What Is a Blockchain?

Blockchain is a new system for validating results and is also used to generate random numbers. It is a system that cannot be tampered with or deceived by the end user during blockchain validation. The same cannot be said about hashes, which are still used by all other online casinos that exist at this moment in this segment of the market.

Criteria for a Safe Casino

You have to be careful when searching for Bitcoin casinos. You must follow these criteria:

  • License. Even despite the fact that the license does not guarantee the safety of the casino, its presence is still important. State regulators mostly don’t give licenses for this kind of casino; it happens because of the instability of cryptocurrencies. But the owners of this type of casino found a good way out. They use licenses from offshore jurisdictions like Curacao, which treat cryptocurrency quite positively. In any case, if a casino doesn’t have a license, that doesn’t guarantee that it’s a bad casino.
  • You should look at the reviews of various users of this casino. Ever since the state and other regulators can’t license casinos, you should look at user reviews. Several websites provide user reviews and independent researchers of Bitcoin casinos like those listed on
  • Look at the number of options you are given for withdrawals. You should also pay attention to the availability of identity verification, which is still used in online casinos. For the most part, blockchain casinos do not require you to have any additional verification other than account registration. There may be exceptions to this, so be careful.

You should take into account these basic criteria in order to find the option that is right for you. You must be cautious and not invest a lot of money at one time because, in the event that the casino is illegitimate and fraudulent, no one will return these funds to you. This is both a curse and a positive for cryptocurrency. Every transaction is non-refundable.

What Games Should Be in a Casino?

You can base your choice on the availability of the games in a particular casino. For example, if you are a fan of poker, then you should look for a bitcoin casino that has a poker table at its disposal. Read carefully the reviews from users about the poker table in question. If the users’ reviews are mostly good, then that means you can try this option. Again, don’t invest a lot of money at one time. When playing with a small amount of money, try to withdraw the funds back to your account; only then you will be able to protect yourself.

Basically, casino games are the same everywhere. For example, you will definitely see slots in any blockchain casino. There can be quite a lot of slots, but they should all be from proven gambling developers; also keep this point in mind. Basically, on the sites that we have provided in this review, all these aspects are already proven. You only need to choose the option that you like based on the number of bonuses or assortment of games.

Blockchain Casinos Main Advantages

Most Bitcoin casinos do not require you to verify your identity

Identity verification is required at most online casinos in order to provide information to the states. That is, if you win a huge amount of money, the state will know that you have that money. If your state requires you to pay taxes on all winnings, the IRS will be interested in you. This is no longer going to happen in an online casino that runs on bitcoins. That is, it is completely anonymous.

Bitcoin casinos are fast

Most traditional online casinos procrastinate in sending you the funds that you have won or that you have deposited but want to take back. This happens because of a variety of legal reasons. First, the staff at this casino has to verify your bank account, then allow the transaction, then the bank itself has to allow the transaction, and so on. This is not going to happen inside a Bitcoin casino, as every transaction is automatic and does not require any manual approval. That is, when you send funds to your account, they arrive instantly. When you request the funds back, they also go through instantly and are deposited into your account.

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