Demi Lovato new interview where she talks meditation and teams up with two new brands

Singer Demi Lovato shared how meditation helped them understand they are non-binary on new Facebook Watch show ‘Face to Face with Becky G’.

Skyscrapper’ hitmaker Demi Lovato credits meditation for helping them realise they are non-binary.

Having announced in May they would be using they/them pronouns because they don’t identify as exclusively male or female – learned “so much” about themselves during the coronavirus pandemic because they had more time to reflect.

The 29-year-old singer revealed “I started learning so much about myself during quarantine. I started meditating and I had meditated in the years before but nothing like what happened in quarantine.”

Demi found by stopping to reflect and simply breathe, they discovered their “masculine energy” matched their “feminine energy.”

They continued: “When I started assessing my spiritually, I realised my masculine energy was just as prominent as my feminine energy. I came to the conclusion, I identify as non-binary and gender non-conforming.”

Sharing their journey is something that the former ‘Sonny With A Chance’ star feels “important” to be open about because of how much they struggled with it initially but felt “really, really great” about after coming out.

They said: “[It was] very important to share with other people because I know there is someone out there dealing with the same thoughts I was having. Demi Lovato reveals how she had stayed healthy and sober for five years

“And I just want people out there to know, especially young people who are entering a world where they might not feel secure or scared to come out. I want to show people that it’s OK and it feels really, really great.”

Demi previously explained it had taken 18 months to “have the revelation” they are non-binary.

They said earlier this year: “Over the past year and a half I’ve been doing some healing and self-reflective work and through this work, I’ve had the revelation that I identify as non-binary.

“With that said, I’ll officially be changing my pronouns to they/them. I feel that this best represents the fluidity I feel in my gender expression and allows me to feel most authentic and true to the person I both know I am and am still discovering.” More on living Sober, Finding Her Voice & Feeling Confident

Singer Demi Lovato has become a paid promoter for a New Age conspiracy-theory website, directing their fans to a video platform filled with hoaxes about sinister aliens, vaccines, world-spanning cabals, and reptilian overlords.

Lovato, who uses they/them pronouns, announced last week that they had become an “ambassador” for streaming video site Gaia. While Gaia’s video collections also include yoga videos, Lovato made clear that their focus was on the site’s conspiratorial content.

“Thrilled to be a @WeAreGaia ambassador,” Lovato wrote in an Instagram post to their 118 million followers. “Understanding the world around us (the known and the unknown) is so exciting to me!”

Lovato’s endorsement of Gaia’s content about “the unknown” marks a new effort to push conspiracy-theory thinking into the mainstream, this time with Lovato’s fanbase. And for the singer, it offers a chance to make money from streaming video subscriptions.

On a Lovato-themed Gaia page for their fans, the singer’s supporters can view a free episode of a Gaia show about an “ancient space program” before signing up for a $11.99 monthly Gaia membership.

Lovato’s “handpicked favorite” shows, according to the website, include a series positing that Atlantis was real and that humanity is living in the aftermath of a battle between giants and lizard-like “reptilians.”

A representative for Lovato declined to comment on the record. Gaia didn’t respond to a request for comment.

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While the claims made in the videos produced by Gaia can seem laughable, the site, which claims to have more than 750,000 members, has become a clearinghouse pushing conspiracy theories into the New Age movement. Gaia’s videos are slickly produced to look like genuine documentaries, with some featuring prominent figures in the anti-vaccine movement. The site has also been called a “hub for QAnon,” with QAnon promoters flocking to the platform after facing crackdowns from other websites.

Gaia’s own corporate culture is awash in conspiracy theories, according to a February report in Business Insider. Employees discussed QAnon and InfoWars, according to the report. Confusingly, employees were told that materials promoting a documentary about a benevolent alien species called “Blue Avians” required approval from the Blue Avians, as if they were real, Business Insider reported. Gaia denied that allegation.

Meanwhile Demi Lovato has a lot going for them—a killer singing voice, their own podcast, some questionable opinions about aliens—and now they’re getting into the sex toy business.

On November 8, the “Stone Cold” singer dropped the news on Instagram, where they shared a photo with the compact yellow vibrating wand they developed with sex toy company Bellesa. “Introducing the Demi Wand,”.

Lovato wrote on Instagram. “I wanted to create my own sex toy to take the stigma away from pleasure, and to take your sexual relationship to the next level.”

The vibrator retails for $79 and is available exclusively at Bellesa Boutique. According to a press release, the sex toy is the company’s “smallest & quietest wand vibrator,” making it the most discreet. It even comes in a nondescript portable charging case that will fit great in any purse.

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