Have a Chaotic Household? Here Are 5 Easy Cleaning Hacks

From running to school pick-up lines, daycare drop-offs, and work in the morning to carting kids off to activities and sports, picking up dinner, and corralling everyone for bed by the end of the day, your house feels chaotic. With everything you have going on, it’s difficult to add in any additional tasks. The most common one that falls to the wayside is cleaning.

Give Every Item a Home

One reason many homes can feel chaotic is that there are items all over the place. Whether they’re littering the floor or there are nagging items that are never where you’ve left them. Every item in your house should have a home. This is huge for keeping your home tidy and organized.

If you struggle to find places to put items, there are a few things you can do. The first is to buy baskets that are aesthetically pleasing and can be placed throughout various rooms. These are great for blankets, electronic devices, and more. The second thing is to declutter. If there are items that don’t have a place, determine if that item has a need in your home in the first place. If not, donate it. 

Set up a Cleaning Schedule

It always feels as though there are an endless amount of tasks to complete to get your house clean. If you don’t have a plan for how you’ll clean, it can feel overwhelming trying to decide which room or area takes precedence. Instead, craft a schedule to tackle cleaning so you can ditch the stress. 

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Then, set up the schedule. It’s much easier to tackle chores when it’s mapped out and you only have to worry about one thing each day or week.

To give yourself a strong idea of what needs to be done, you need to sit down and write down every ongoing cleaning task that takes place, whether it should happen weekly or annually, and everything in between.

Invest in Washable Rugs

Rugs are a gorgeous home decor item that brings comfort to any room. Cleaning them, on the other hand, can be a hassle. You typically need to get them professionally cleaned or invest your time and energy into manually cleaning them. Instead, invest in washable rugs. Washable rugs are low-maintenance and can be cleaned by simply throwing them into the washing machine. These items are a must-have for families with kids and pets who are adding to the chaos in your home. With washable rugs, you don’t have to stress about cleaning the mess. It’s easier than ever. 

If you’re tired of living in chaos and want to find new and easy ways to keep your house less messy, these tips are for you. Read on to learn how to make a cleaning plan, why you should invest in washable rugs, and more.

Avoid Doing Laundry in One Day

Laundry is a daunting and never-ending task. There is always laundry to be cleaned and subsequently, put away. It’s common for many people to put off laundry until the weekend, typically to be done in one day. But that can feel overwhelming. You would end up spending your entire day doing laundry and still might not get it completed. 

Instead, aim to do one laundry task each day. One day could be cleaning a load of laundry and another day could be putting that laundry away. Breaking down one big task into small tasks will feel much less overwhelming and will prevent the laundry from piling up.

Keep Plenty of Supplies on Hand

To keep yourself up to date on all cleaning tasks, it’s a good idea to keep plenty of cleaning supplies on hand. There’s nothing worse than gearing yourself up to clean only to realize you don’t have enough or the right supplies to get the job done.

In a busy household, it’s not always easy to find the time to complete a task so you end up doing it on a whim when you have a free moment. Be proactive by staying supplied. From cleansers to cleansing cloths, make sure you always have a healthy stock so you can clean when you need to.


Cleaning doesn’t have to feel daunting when you set yourself up for success. Implement these tips in your household to prevent feeling overwhelmed amidst the chaos of your life. You will feel much less stress and finally be able to find pockets of peace among all the busyness of your day-to-day life. 

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